Einträge von Stephan Schurig

Limitation by Control & Security

There is something going into a complete myth when it comes to security. BEING on planet earth at first means experiencing your infnite nature in a limited space. It is a spiritiual journey in a physical body. So walking a few kilometres on solid ground you find our there are a lot of restrictions, borders, […]

A leap of faith into the unknown

The ticket we have chosen is finding out who we really are. There was no need to in general but simple energy exchange in our universe wasn’t enough . So by the big bang we had to chance to play the game going from infinite into separation just to have the chance to explore the […]

The meaning of life

What the heck are we doing here? Is there some kind of sense in what we are doing? Is there a special order to fulfil? You can bring yourself in a lot of trouble and confusion SEARCHING the answer. Because The only answer there is – is YOU. This fact alone leaves the majority of […]

Meteorite impact of emotions

Walking through life comes up with a big fat toolbox called emotions. It is just handed out to you to remember of your origin and to come back home, whenever you want. We are not aware that we use that toolbox all day long. „Give me an information, I will immediately judge it for the […]

Drink & sleep into self-actualization

Going with Abraham Maslow there is a pyramid of needs human beings follow along to make decisions or just be happy. It goes from a broad wide starting level of SURVIVING on the planet to smaller LEVELS of CONTACT and up to a peak of self-actualization. So, watching it from the bottom to the top […]

The drive for more

The journey of life is an experience. Regarding it from a perspective of HUMAN BEINGS it looks like a collection of events. Now – going deeper you will find out it is just ONE. One constantly changing moment. Imagine yourself a tableau on the wall that is constantly changing its appearance. Sometimes it may look […]

A limitation of poetry

Did you ever come across this limitation in an infinite space thing? Looking at the world for years you find millions of example where human beings set up frames and boarders in a broader infinite enviroment. We do that for security purposes, we do that for communication purposes, we do that for business purposes, we […]

The one thing that directs life

You are sitting in a train driving back home. You head is full of thoughts about the last week while you are watching the world rushing by. Next stop „Celebration„, a small town with nearly a hundred inhabitants. What a crazy week you had. Your job was taking your full attention excessively and you are […]

Nature fills in the blank

One thing you become aware of in your journey is the fact that space is a place for the visible nature to enfold. Not a single sound would exist without silence. Not a single word would exist without whitespace. Not a single person would exist without the air. Going a step beyond you see nature […]