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Collecting orbs and condensing information

THE MORE you walk through life, the more you become aware that each step is a collection of information meeting in time (a defined moment in the infinite). Whether you meet a new person or you buy an icecream. Millions of information Cumulate in a bubble. It is a meeting of colors, emotions, sounds, tastes, […]

WORDING – biggest, highest, what if, but

Did you ever realized that words do not roughly describe reality? It may be a complete new perspective for you now but going a step beyond and analyse language it will become an eye opener to get a sense of human behaviour. It’s not obvious first hand. Simple observation and sensitivity helps to become aware […]

Loneliness – a tunnel for awakening

Part of our journey is taking a step back. Taking a step back isn’t really a step back in human evaluation standards but get yourself into natural distance. We are human beings. We see ourselves as social beings, so in consequence we need other beings to exist in our world. And the biggest party has […]

Business & Spirituality

Having a sense of and for life you probably have become aware that there is some kind of opposite energy here. Taking a loupe you see it isn’t really opposite or completely different but simply a defined and framed action in the infinite. You will come across business is similar to game playing. It is […]

(Re-) Searching and Learning

Understanding the world and life has two components that helps us in „personal“ awareness. When entering the planet there is a blank sheet of paper screaming for fulfillment. What the heck is going on here? People staring at you and making strange noises. At certain stages you suddenly meet a lot of consultants and advisors […]


Nothing left to do. There is no action required. It happens. There’s no secret out there or magic weapon. It is (y) our very own nature. We can play the game with all the losses and wins, with all the falls into highest heights and flights in deepest depth or BEING LOVE. Have you ever […]


In order to deepen our experience of dissolving any border in our life, there is a catalyst. By simply changing and expanding our position (dive into our infinite nature) we give ourselves a complete new „point of view“. The mind thing here is to use a technique BUT what you do is to become aware […]


Whenever there is a feeling of unfairness, whenever there is a feeling of things going really mad, whenever a situation literally „gets out of control“ in THE SEARCH, breathing is a fast track to natural awareness. By breathing consciously we open the cirlce of our comfort zone and dogmatism. Instantly space is open up, air […]

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