Business & Spirituality

Having a sense of and for life you probably have become aware that there is some kind of opposite energy here. Taking a loupe you see it isn’t really opposite or completely different but simply a defined and framed action in the infinite.

You will come across business is similar to game playing. It is just action by defnition and rules.

While spirituality describes awareness of your true nature, business is a fenced action field.

So it doens’t really help to compare both terms.

You can naturally do business from the heart. You can naturally earn money and be aware of our origin. Business simply means energy exchange while one energy is money. Spirtuality is nothing different but it has no line for in and out.

Lines of separaton are often connected with a lot of emotions.

From a bird view you can see business as a framwork set up in a square. Even each individual job is a unit like a square. It is separated by an area of ZUSTÄNDIGKEIT.

Whenver a line dissolves energy is set free. Human beins often break out in tears or are emotional touched in these situations. Tears a reminder of crossing a visible or invisible line of limitation and illusional imasge about your nature.

You lose a job, your company geht Bankrott, you will be transferred in a more responsible position – it alway happen when you lose or win a part of your fixed life. Honestly it hasn’t anything to do with your essence. It’s going on, it happens but it simply refers to an infintie picture, we do not accept for ourselves. Nobody does and weg o on and do THE SEARCH.

Who am I?

Business and spirituality are access portals. You can do it by going extreme in a  profession and find out about yourself in the journey or you can do it with a light.

More and more „For purpose“ companies follow the path of balancing energy worldwide. They either share a part of their profits or they share a part of their products.

Can you see the energy exchange in both fields and how to combine them naturally?

We are driven to collect as much wealth as possible and find out after all that something is missing. Why is it?

Having all the money of the world, travelling all the countries on the planet doesn’t replace LOVE itself.

And when your business is driven simply by money and not by love for your customer a feeling of greed and egoism comes across which

  1. has no clarity,
  2. no expression and therefor
  3. no connection.

Just watch the wording to see how everything works together. It is just a condition. That’s the way it is in THE SEARCH. Cause and effect is the fundament of a condition. It is our explanation tool to persuade our mind of findig logic in nature.

So going a step further there is no right or wrong doing one of both without the other – as there is no opposite. You will make experiences about yourself. The learning process is awareness.

We decide for ourselves the moment of letting go thinking and in consequence THE SEARCH.
We decide for ourselves the moment of diving into the infinite, BEING LOVE.

You can’t buy access. On a philosophical level you probably can by paying the price of a neverending SEARCH and become aware you are already there. Next challenge beomes not only are you already there, but


There is no individual person without a whole.


These are only words.

All the white spaces on the page can equally lead you into your true nature instantly.

It is like taking information while breathing. Spirituality means presence of awareness.

A business (limited space) is always filled and surrounded by spirituality. Even a business (every sort of limitation game) which occurs „strange“, „egocentric“ or „unfair“ is filled and surrounded by LOVE. It is only our mind being trapped by thoughts and thinking.

The moment we become aware of cutting ourselves into the handicapped, we open a door to LOVE.

The SEARCH is our game playing LIMITATION in the infinite. Pure awakening.

Soulfulness rises by letting go TIME & SPACE.

Have you ever realized it happens automatically diving into your true nature? Have you ever become aware of this moments where you MOM or a friend had to call you in because you forgot everything around you? You were completely involved in life and the moment?

Here we are.


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