Whenever there is a feeling of unfairness, whenever there is a feeling of things going really mad, whenever a situation literally „gets out of control“ in THE SEARCH, breathing is a fast track to natural awareness. By breathing consciously we open the cirlce of our comfort zone and dogmatism.

Instantly space is open up, air can come in, air can go out. This exchange is our nature. By limiting this exchange we prevent our awareness for the answer to our chosen ticket – OUR ORIGIN.

Breathing not only regulates our energy states and center ourselves. It also allows us to lighten up a situation. Light is not only brightness but also easyness. The moment we breathe out we send out an energy field that determines our environment.

We can see that in simple situations of a conversation. The moment we get attached by a message being transported with emotions we becoe unaware of two different kind of information reaching us. The information itself and the emotion. Information or word itself are neutral. Just the emotion is valueing the message.

Breathing dissolves blended information. It lets you see the emotional part as well as the pure information and helps you to take yourself out of the limitation of the situation.