When the circle closes

When a situation becomes uneasy and uncomfortable you feel it the second your emotion switches.

Somehow our energy changes, soulfulness goes to south and it instantly creates a mood of heavyness and complication. It doesn’t matter if it is a personal thought about a life event or a direct confrontation with a single person (particle friends) or a group.

There is always the choice to LISTEN or to BANG energies. See – in a confrontation (direct sign for your true nature) a thought is coming up that doesn’t fit in our world view. Immediately it is followed by an internal energy switch and a form of: this isn’t right.

What it says is: we are not open to become aware of our true infinite nature and origin. It says: we are not ready to dissolve the border of separation and limitation we have chosen to find out who we are. DAMN.

We think we are open to life and other people and attest ourselves a friendly character but here is something that doesn’t work out with our settings.

See – the reason why this is coming up is WANTING instead of SHINING.

WANTING in the SEARCH is NOT SURVIVAL MODE. It is simply driven by our fear of losing our identity. What you will find out by not trying to limit the limited situation is a deep freedom inside of yourself. It is a contradiction in itself to look for freedom while limiting space. The resolution is true nature. By drawing on your infinite origin (remind yourself who you truly are) any mind conflict dissolves in a heartbeat.

It is just becoming aware our mind blends two states with each other, which has nothing to do with our essence. What closes the circle is the emotion. It simply points to our infinit self – LOVE.


Whenever there is a feeling of unfairness, whenever there is a feeling of things going really mad, whenever a situation literally „gets out of control“ in THE SEARCH, breathing is a fast track to natural awareness. By breathing consciously we open the cirlce of our comfort zone and dogmatism. Instantly space is open up, air […]


In order to deepen our experience of dissolving any border in our life, there is a catalyst. By simply changing and expanding our position (dive into our infinite nature) we give ourselves a complete new „point of view“. The mind thing here is to use a technique BUT what you do is to become aware […]


Nothing left to do. There is no action required. It happens. There’s no secret out there or magic weapon. It is (y) our very own nature. We can play the game with all the losses and wins, with all the falls into highest heights and flights in deepest depth or BEING LOVE. Have you ever […]