First Aid helps you to raise low energy frequencies and gives you an instant reminder where you come from. Our greatest challenge n life is forgetting about or origin. So we get lost in daily situations as we follow ideas of ourselves made by insecurity. This insecurity often goes along with a thought about loss.


We fear to lose our position, we fear to lose face, we fear not being right, we fear not being goode enough, we fear not being accepted, we fear not being loved. Because you are LOVE itself there is no way not being loved. Do you get the picture? Because you are everything, noone can take anything from you or add to you. The fear there is only made by our monkey mind. In consequence our ego fears fo dying.  What it means is the fear of letting go our ego. Who will we be, when there is no personality to hold on?


Have you ever seen the storm? Letting go our ego means letting go our identity. This is true mastership. Our whole life is determined by finding out who we are (see your chosen ticket) by experiencing the complete opposite of our nature. Have you ever been attracted by naturalness? Have you ever seen the light and the beauty of somebody walking in nativeness.


So how do we reduce our frequency, therefor our light and most of all WHY? The reason why we get in trouble is leaving our path, leaving our hearts in order to experience our limits. Remember your decision to play the game? You wanted to find out who you are!

The are only two paths in life:

This is directly connected to your personal awareness. Can you stay real, be YOU, without searching for answers about yourself? It requires feeling OK without fishing for acceptance, compliments and applause. Have you ever recognized the number of artists following their inner voice being paid badly? The moment you step into your true nature, the cinema is gone.


The moment you let go that self-created identity you allow your essence to shine through. Isn*t it fascinating to see the beauty of human beings while they sleep? Isn’t it fascinating how much love and appreciation there is when we stop mind-fucking ourselves about do’s and dont’s.


Some people see a black box coming, some people talk about near death experience as an infinte garden. Whatever there is, when you become aware of your real light, there is not a dime of space for conflict, there is not a dime of space for pointing at others, there is not a dime of space for heavy feelings.

So let’s face the most profound events in the game and raise the energy.

NOTE: all these events need at least two people for existence. So can you get a feeling about cause n‘ effect?


Starting the journey all particles (of you) develop a different list of events leading into some kind of awareness. All of these events only serve the answer of your ticket: find out, who you are. The opposite of your true nature is limitation. So the moment you step up into a conflict you look into your mirror of awakening.

And it’s not about the topic itself, right or wrong, which doesn’t exist. It’s about you expressing your blindsports of awareness. The topic is made up. The truth is not accepting and living in your true nature. You instantly get lost in arguing about the topic and do not see you are fighting against your own set up triggers.

Who cares about toilet paper running into false direction, toothpaste in your lavatory or dirt on your shirt?

Think you have a bigger conflict?

You are fighting against your ghosts. It’s like cutting yourself an arm off. After walking through the fields of conflict you realize the blood shedded was there to bridge your lack of awareness.


The second your realize there is no separation you will rise up into your „genius“. I admit this is advanced information for a mind choosing the SEARCH for answers. Remember your ticket: find out, who you are? Any partner, any person of the same or opposite gender serves to answer that question.

In parallel to „conflicts“ a break-up is facing our lack of awareness. Whether you do the first step our your partner.

You can’t resist TRUE NATURE.

By expressing your personal light you set people free to do the same.

Disconnection means testing yourself. You will not find somebody else but YOU. It doesn’t matter, who’s next, who will come and go. It’s all about you – SHININGS!


When you are distanced from your true nature amd completely committed to the SEARCH, there is an option of you fishing for confirmation. We tend to do that im moments of „loneliness“ (personally and/or economically). What we do in this moments is to look at all the things we don’t have and the freedom others have to simply take or get them.

And as you know, there is a lesson in it, because SEARCH always means you have chosen to learn instead of BEING (in your nature).

Jealousy reflects the insecurity of yourself in not knowing who you are.

It is a sign of low frequency that keeps hight frequencies away and build walls around you. And in consequence it means you are not connected to your origin and your gift*.

There is nothing wrong with jealousy as it is simply some kind of eventcard. Putting it into a picture you will see yourself always looking up to an energy state (person, object, event) that seems bigger than yourself but is just YOU mirroring and triggering your very own capacity.


BIG TIME! What a challenge to see something beautiful, isn’t it?

What if the pure presence of death increases awareness for your nature? What if death is just a BIG TIME reminder to enjoy life? To focus on soulfulness and to breathe in nature. To laugh, to love, to exchange.

You will find out there is only transformation, because every little piese of information is here to answer your question.

You can either experience it or learn from it. See, whatever decision you made for yourself – it contains the answer. It is like a cell containing (all) the history of mankind and planet earth in it’s DNA.


Have you have ever heard the phrase „I could die for …“ or „I thought I have to die.“? Have you ever had the feeling of loss or losing something?

Did you know that your body is a complete new set up around every seven years. You can take the birds view to see the recreation of yourself every second. People say „This will change your life.“ although CHANGE is your nature. Your state change every millisecond without doing anything. So you transform every millisecond. Information molecules touch your senses a million times through the day.

Facing death confronts you with a deep information about your true nature. The moment you let go clinging to be loved you open flood gates to become aware of your true nature. YOU ARE LOVE. You are infnite.

Have you ever realized everything in the universe is seemingly limited in an unlimited space – your skin, your day, a word, a sound, a color? Our skin is permeable and transparent to absorb the air, the sun and sweat. Our day is gradient and naturally a pathway of moments. A word written on paper is a composition of  ink on white space. Can you see that we try to bend and tame the infinite to control nature?

Do the exercise for yoursel and imagine the most* beautiful thing for you in the world? What is it? You have the picture?

Now try to find word to describe it as detailed as possible and you will see:

Words can’t roughly describe the poesie and beauty of the presence.

There is no beginning, there is no end. When you realize that the silence embraces the sound, you immediately dissolve the illusion of limitation.

What color is a rainbow?



Remember – you have chosen a body for your journey. This body is a direct initiation for the chosen ticket and a constant reminder of your origin.

Whatever state this body takes for itself, it is your vehicle for this game and a whistleblower how close you are to the answer.

Because of zillion pathways we (and all of our particle friends) create to find out who we are, our cell structure is in constant exchange.

Not only is our individual body an expression of the global exchange of energy but also the answer to your readiness for awakening (Awenking isn‘t something magical – it is just the experience of your true nature).

Have you ever realized that your body a) mirrors a certain kind of events in your life and b) gives you access to a deeper sense of existence.

The moment you become aware of this fact, you immediately can solve the secret.

For example: our body is in a direction information exchange with our actions. Our actions are initiated by our emotions, which are set up by our thoughts. So by reverse engineering this line of information, you can heal your realization of this and your world.

Illness is not just illness. Your body talks about your journey. And your journey is – the journey of EVERYTHING. Hard to get, isn’t it?

How does this help, when you seemingly separated body is injured, disabled or you are handicapped?

In general you deal with two things – the physical pain and the emotional pain. Physical pain is a limitation of your body as a result.

Your body is a creation of your chosen female and male. Their bodies are a creation of their chosen female and male. This is true for all of your particle friends taking the journey.
And you taking the story inside of your DNA.

Whatever we do

See – you are made of cells, this planet is made of cells, the universe is made of cells. EVERYTHING is in constant movement.


We are social beings.

„The biggest challenge for a human being is „BEING ALONE“

Sex is beautiful. Isn’t it special to connect with a human being in the most intimate way? Dating is dancing with these emotions and for some people a pre-level of the information exchange you can have.

Have you realized that DATING is one of the biggest industries in our society?

You can make a hell lot of money with connecting two people.

And people lose a hell lot of money connecting with people.

DATING is one of the most profound expression of the SEARCH. Remember the start of your journey? You admit to the state of a seemingly being separated in daily life (from your infinite greatness) without ever losing contact to your origin.

YOU are playing a limited game in your unlimited nature to find out who you are! That was your decision.

NOW, the most challenging part here is: to attract LOVE (your true nature) you have to let go your SEARCH – means PAUSE your ticket for a second (you can go on with the SEARCH later on jumping between ying and yang – hahaha).

Sure, you can pay for it or simply step into your light.

See, you are sending signals. Every milliseconds you send signals of awareness (knowing who you are) or yourself chosing the SEARCH (insecurity in every form of information).

SEARCH simply means you assume there is something missing or incomplete or nature is imperfect. This is ok, because whether you know it consciously or unconsciously – your origin is ONENESS. And it means the state you are looking for is already here.

For example: Have you ever become aware, that asking questions is energetically looking up for getting information? The reason we are looking for answers, the reason we are looking for love is not being aware of our nature – we are LOVE. YOU ARE LOVE.

The closer you are connected to your infinite nature, the faster you get in touch. There are no expectations, there is no waiting for response, but just PURE PRESENCE.

Can you see it? It is the cat chasing it’s tale.

When you are simply DATING for entertainment and having SEX for entertainment just note you are in constant exchange with other people (and in consequence other facets of yourself).

You can distance yourself from the answer to the chosen ticket when you lie to yourself here and ACT inside the SEARCH.

DATING is an energy game exactly like the

Imagine two people chosen THE SEARCH looking for information to find out who they are. Isn’t it funny?

Attraction happens when these two people sending on the same frequency which relates to a similar kind of awareness.

This is the reason why dating platforms set up routines of matching data of similar interests, because it reflects a certain kind of vibration.

PRACTICAL ADVICE: LOVE appears at the end of the SEARCH. Ending the search simply means letting go (PAUSE or END the chosen game) and become aware of your true nature. Nothing is more attractive than your true nature. People, which have chosen the game often speak in polarities from dependence and independence. Have you ever seen LOVE asking questions?


Everything we are and we create is energy.

You say something: energy. You do something: energy.

In the early years money wasn’t an issue. We provided ourselves with the goods and food needed and lived by the standard of our (wo)manpower. Power is just another expression for energy. Over the decades we then found out, exchanging information in form of products, services or groceries helps to raise our standard.

By simply investing more energy in physical or intellectual expression, we were able to create values for otheres, which helps us in exchange to „explore the size of our existence“ with more variables.

At the same time this process defined new social standards for life quality and health. Exploring more variable opened and opens the field for awareness as well as an huge number of opportunities to get distracted from your nature. This simply is playing THE SEARCH.

At the end of all searching for mor you will find LOVE.

Money is just a first answer. It will calm down your emotions for the good when a lot of it is there but also increase them for the worse, when a lot of it is missing.

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