Limitation by Control & Security

There is something going into a complete myth when it comes to security. BEING on planet earth at first means experiencing your infnite nature in a limited space. It is a spiritiual journey in a physical body.

So walking a few kilometres on solid ground you find our there are a lot of restrictions, borders, frontiers, boundaries, walls, fences around. In consequence what they do is claim a piece of earth (yes, a piece of peace of earth) to show where is mine and where is yours.

Although we tend to cross borders to find out about our infinite nature you cannot cross any of these lines of separation without asking. You cannot walk in your neighbours garden, you cannot travel to mexico, you cannot enter a buildung without clearing it upfront with an authorization.

Personal means individual means limitation means separation. It is just the way it is.

We need our private area for retreat. It is some kind of rehabilitation space for balancing the efforts of the journey.

What efforts are we referring to? Why is there an inbalance? What is human?

Following the pyramid of need from Abraham Maslow you find safety on position number two directly after fundamental physical needs as a requirement for our well-being. Safety we are not attacked by a dinosaur or a mammoth? Probably not. So safety now means that secure feeling our life is protected.

But watching into the world it fairly seems impossible to have security seeing all this insanity and war.

Doesn’t it feel good when you exactly know what happen?
Doesn’t it feel good you know the details?

So, what we came up with in evolution was CONTROL. Controlling a situation means you know everything inside a certain space. Inside a framework, inside a business, inside a game field. Because of all the information you have about what’s in you (THINK you) can predict any future situation.

It is the same with conflict. You feel secure when you (THINK you) know what’s happen next. So you try to see patterns, you try to find similar experiences to draw on. What you do in these situations is painting a frame. It is exactly the same we do teaching our children possessiv pronouns – here is ours, there is theirs. We separate us as individual persons and create frames in a limited space. Cause and effect.

So – what is the intention behind? And finally – what is the result of doing so?

The contradiction here is we are searching LOVE in a limited area of a limited space. We are searching freedom by separation. Freedom is freedom because it is infinite. What kind of freedom is a conditional limited freedom?

Going a step beyond we are searching our BEST VERSION. Maybe there is a connection between searching LOVE and searching our BEST VERSION. Maybe there is an answer inside.

There is a term of comfortzone for what you already know.

Why is it we are attracted by news?

Why is it we are attracted by a new partner?

Why is it we are attracted by a new album?

Why is it we are attracted by a new job?

The reason is we want to expand our sphere. Now that we want to explore new worlds there is a chance of small or big death.

The biggest death you will find is LOVE.

We THINK (that’s our mind stuff) life is changing when something is gone. Reality is – life is changing every moment. It is like holding water in your hand. It happens naturally. Soulfulness begins the moment you dissolve any restrictions and boundaries of separation.

Isn’t it insane to talk about LOVE and FREEDOM in limitation?

Control is framing, claiming, put a fence around while you wish in your heart to be free. Can you feel what real security means? Can you feel what happens when you find out about your infinite potential?

This peace we are dreaming of is the awareness about our true nature. This place is always around. This place has no question and doesn’t discuss. Why should it? Everything is here. NOW.

Have you ever seen the presence of enlightment? Have you ever felt the presence of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE?

It is you. We set up walls, put barriers in our pathways, install infrared, bind a barbwire and hope to find peace in- and outside. Even in a discussion we used to take these tools to explain our position. It is pure limitation which creates conditional dependent security.



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