Meteorite impact of emotions

Walking through life comes up with a big fat toolbox called emotions. It is just handed out to you to remember of your origin and to come back home, whenever you want. We are not aware that we use that toolbox all day long.

„Give me an information, I will immediately judge it for the good and bay, pack a small up to a big emotion on top and send it back into the world. Next one. “

That’s what we do. Was it in the early days of Mammuts to freeze, flight, fight it become a more detailed program up to now. We have created a lot of new energy formats like busses, trains, and airplanes, so our challenge has increased to differntiate.

In consequence our image of threat for survival has become fanciful accessing more and more information of our true nature. So death has become part of our daily habits. Entering a job interview for a lot of people comes with some kind of death. A first date with a person you are attracted to, often comes up with some kind of now or never. Embarassement is a state of emotion simply created by our mind setting up a measurement for behaviour by an elite.

So emotions are always triggered by your or other peoples mind. They leave the path of pure wisdom and just communicating their judgement about a certain event like an action or a word for example.

Can you imagine having the ability to SEE?
Can you imagine having the ability to SEE, FEEL, HEAR, SMELL, TASTE, ANTICIPATE?

This is your nature. The only reason why we are not able to do so, beside any physical reason, is leaving the path. You can sense emotions. And by becoming aware of emotions, you can easily let go. You can lead any situation. Sensing emotions allows you to balance any situation into LOVE.

You probably already had a discussion in form of a disagreement. So one party says here is my truth and the other party says here is my truth. Simply by watching the wording you see it’s both: my truth.

Two options for cause and effect:

  • You can pack emotions on top and do the back and forth game while increasing the energy and inrease distance.
    That’s what we do in any war scenario. Consequence is a field of death.
  • You can embrace the situation and exchange information in LOVE knowing THE SEARCH we do finding our true nature.

This game is never ended by keeping positions in THE SEARCH. Why? Because we are setting up frontiers. We are building walls and distance. We are limiting a limited game and expect LOVE to come through. The moment you let go, LOVE is around.

The trick of our mind is to make us believe UNCONDITIONAL LOVE exists in separation.

What is the catch?

The door for awareness is radical honesty. Radical honesty about yourself. A look in the mirror helps to dive deep. Instantly you see everyone just tries to be happy the same like you. Why should a baby or a child kill or hurt consciously? It doesn’t happen.  So maybe at some point some kind of influence takes places that forces us to leave the path of LOVE.

Thinking and evaluating becomes more important than your inner voice and gut feeling.

Now emotions are our first choice and the moment you make use of you leave the center of and for awareness. Cause and effect.

Do you feel this?

Whenever emotions or personal attitude is crossing the line it helps to understand THE SEARCH and the tools people use to become aware of their very own nature – LOVE.

Opening up, embracing whatever they do, without any judgement, is creating a space for solution.

It is creating a space for unfolding. It is creating a space for LOVE.

You can do this by awareness.

It is easy but not a light weight when gridlocked in daily routine and behaviour. It happens automatically when you get yourself out of monkey-mind to force LOVE to come. It is always there and never leave, but separation walls have to come done to become aware of the beauty there is.

Have you ever laughed about yourself? Laughing about yourself opens another door for radical honesty. Noone is really better or worse. Nature doesn’t discuss all day long about good and bad. Human beings lost themselves in talking about weather and have hard times to say I LOVE YOU.






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