Here we are – so you have made a decision and want a full package of emotions and limitation to your true nature. No problem. Whenever you think it is too much or you like to stop, take a step back. It’s not that difficult. Simply become aware of cause n effect.

You are already there.

Take my word – you are already there, where you wanna go. It is you who you are looking for.

What’s going on is a simple trick of the mind, an environment of total opposite to your true self. Imagine you are watching a movie or sitting in a theatre.

Yes, you now have the incredible chance to go upstairs and take part, but … don’t take it too serious. Promise me.

Remember yourself – it was your choice to do so.

Don’t regret anything. It is just an experience.

Whenever there is a feeling of discomfort, whenever you are searching for a responsible person, whenever you THINK of unfairness – become aware of your mind going crazy. You are in a game.

!Before you start: Using your mind for other reasons than expressing your true nature like

  • judging
  • interpreting
  • controlling
  • egoism

will create distance and inner conflict. Much more you train your mind feeling superior and deepen this habit. There is no such thing like superiority.

Feel provided with everything you need to dissolve the issue. It is ALWAYS and ONLY YOU running the game.
Remember the light, the map and the gift?

These are helpers whenever you FEEL (emotions) LOST or you THINK (mind) YOU ARE LOST.

  • The moment you become aware of this signs – BREATHE.
  • The moment you become aware of this feelings – CONNECT WITH NATURE.
  • The moment you become aware of this thoughts – TOUCH A DOG.
  • The moment you become aware of this separation in separation – LOOK IN THE SKY.

This journey is packed full of experiences.

You and only you determine intensity and extent. The more awareness you put into cause n effect the faster you will realize game patterns.

There is no plan! You can go whereever you want and do whatever you want. You will find out that certain actions will seduce you into darkest places. In there light and energy is reduced to a maximum which will cause extreme physical pain.

As a result your mind can go mad. Madness is some kind of blurred reality. Your mind takes over control and will deliver series of events picked with low light and energy fields. This is not the easiest way to handle and access to your nature is by all means also fuzzy. Just be aware.

On the other hand it is naturally possible to dive into moments of too much light and high energy (not saying presence) which by definition can be a blend. Whatever you do – simply listening to your energy – guides you through.

Final check