A limitation of poetry

Did you ever come across this limitation in an infinite space thing?

Looking at the world for years you find millions of example where human beings set up frames and boarders in a broader infinite enviroment. We do that for security purposes, we do that for communication purposes, we do that for business purposes, we do that for entertainment purposes.

But what does it mean?

A grid for orientation

Are you aware that we divided our world in longitudes and latitudes, so it has some kind of grid for orientation. Frames and borders let us know where something begins. As moments went by in evolution we found out that, for some reason or just by accident, there are other tribes and peoples in addition, which have to be named and separated.

So here we are and there are   For better separation we decided to claim the land as ours and set a fence. So we limited the available area and developed possessive pronouns to make sure everyone understands separation.

This is mine and here is yours. So now it is clear: there is big fat border you  better asked for crossing. Berlin wall is such a historical monument. And people killed and kill for leaving the field without permission. So the next consequence had to be rules, so human beings understand the game. Laws were set up as some form of guidelines people had to follow just to be (in).

Infinite limitations

So for balancing energies mankind installed a system (frame) that works in an infinite nature.

Have you ever thought about that? Have you ever thought about your body?

To a certain degree your body is a closed organism. Going to the T you find out that not only liquids and cremes get into your skin, but information is absorbesd all day long by your senses. Much more at some point your whole body become one with nature. You think this is a bit too much of philosophy?

Let’s take a step further and see the planets in our universe. They are looking like huge balls and sometimes with a circle around. Do you think there is energy exchange? Have you ever had a sunburn?

An emptiness for unfolding

There is something you find out:

The infinite opens an emptiness for unfolding.

This unfolding is named as growth. In consequence it is rising into LOVE.

A sound, a text, a flower – everything is surrounded with some kind of space for existing. Otherwise we couldn’t breath.

„Ok, so good so far. Can you tell me how this helps in daily life?“

The moment we become aware there isn’t a real separation we find LOVE. It catapults you directly into your true nature.


Separation and limitation forces and challenges us to search THE MORE. Because we know about the infinite, all our research is going beyond borders. THE MORE is simply our gap of awareness to accept our origin and our essence.

Have you ever tried to describe a situation or a beautiful flower in all its facettes?

It will ever be a try. We have not enough words to describe nature. We have not enough words to desribe beauty.

There a billions of constant changing colors and energy states we haven’t discovered by now.

LOVE dissolve borders. Just watch it in reality. For example – business is a framework, but in the end we are all human beings on the same pathway. It is just a limitation by borders that defines an action plan. Cause and effect – how will you enfold your full potential in a limited space – it is impossible to do. Just logic.

There is no beginning and there is no end

Take a birds view on life and all you see is polarity – good and bad, black and white, yin and yang.

Where does good starts and where does white ends? Take a magnifier and zoom the atom. Dive into mikrokosmos or watch makrokosmos. There is no beginning and there is no end. Whenever tears stream down your face you can be sure crossing such a self-made border.

In this moments of complete dissolving or touch of heart a wide door is open for awareness. Awareness for our true nature. Awareness for LOVE:

Can you feel it?

Can you feel the freedom of letting go?

Can you feel being open the more you dissolve boundaries?

Do you see the words used in this sentence above?


It happens right in front of your eyes without any intention.

There is no understanding of LOVE but pure experience.





Time and Money

What time is it? What time is it in the world? What time?

Have you ever realized there is no time? Have you ever experienced a situation in your life where time wasn’t an issue?

Isn’t it fascinating that probably the most intense and beautiful moments of our lives don’t know time?

A dimension of reality

It seems to be there is another dimension of reality where watches have no real meaning. Probably the first person reminded me of NOW was Eckhart Tolle. It is a complete different perspective of the world and it hits you like a hammer the moment you realize the depth of it. Following the path you will find out that all meditation is based on this fact of timeless presence. Especially to write a sentence like that fills your body with pure divinity.

Have you ever observed yourself? Have you ever come across behaving like an idiot?

Isn’t it funny to admit you have been a complete fool? We are on a journey and we don’t know better. So we are testing things out. This is all kinds of research. We want to understand ourselves, we want to understand why we are here, we want to have fun. A fineline in this process is losing contact to our true nature. This happens when we start jumping into past and future. Our mind is creating pictures of ideal states and compare it to the situation now. We want more.

Bad feelings

This MORE is the GAP to the awareness of your true nature. What it does is to activate your emotions.

When emotions are involved you leave the path of your true nature.

Ok, it has to be detailed. Emotions are a part of our nature. It helps a lot to become aware of it as some kind of toolbox that refers to your origin. See, there are emotions we connect with good feelings (high energies) and there are emotions we connect with bad feelings (low energies). The learning happens inbetween.

Whenever you step into an emotion (and it will probably and primarily bad feelings that works as a reminder) you outcenter yourself. Imagine it like a left and right (no judgement here about better or worse – just energy states). Deep in your heart you know all that stuff.

The freedom exist in the timelessness of the middle.

You may know that already as your balance.

Sovereignty of your nature

The wisdom here is our independence. The wisdom here is sovereignty of your nature without any judgement.

It’s exactly the same with money. Some say money is evil others say it is power. What it is in its essence is just an energy state that is attracted by other energy fields. Any judgement just fuels your emotions to leave the path. It is easy as that. Money is just that exchange.

Going back in history it is and was all times. We exchange values along our whole evolution.

You simply can feel this inner inbalance when somebody does a favour for you. It may feel ok when it is a one-timer, but it becomes more and more maladjusted by every single time it goes on your credit colum. You wanna give back. You wanna adjust this relationship.

We already know the answer

Why do you think there is so much CHARITY? Inside we know the answer.

We are always chasing THE MORE. When we reach the level of having enough beyond our imagination some kind of gap appears. What to do next? Often we get bored and do not know where to go. This again is a fineline and a lot of people lost themselves in drugs to enter a new dimension of self-experience.

Can you see it?

The reason of sharing is awareness of oneness. But it isn’t completed to the finish-line. We realize ourselves as an individual person.

In our hearts there is a light that shines as a unerasable reminder of our connection.
In our hearts there is a light that reminds ourselves of oneness when someone needs help,

but do we have the guts to let go completely to dive into our true nature?

Balance to the I

Money is everywhere. The queston is are we willing enough to restore the balance to the T (a better letter here for an image is the I) ?

Balancing these energies means lost of a lot of hand made EGO-Power.

The truth always jeopardize our minds as it means insecurity.

Time simply is a control mechanism that helps us to meet appointments and money is an energy ressource we have created to expand our possibilities of awareness.