Breathe – the magic of life

Did you ever run in a situation were you felt completely lost? Whenever this happens remind yourself monkey mind is taken over control and seperates yourself from love. You give up your connection to natural ressources and try to solve it by data from your experiences.

See, we are insane when it comes to LOVE. We all want to have IT but forgot who we are IT. The journey we take is exactly that reminder.

Switch perspective

If there is one essential thing that helps you to become free from fighting, struggling, doubting, from heavyness in life then simply switch perspective.

How can you do that?

  • Have you ever become aware of yourself as the center of the universe without expecting anything?
  • Have you ever did something just for the pure in itself without expecting something back?
  • Have you ever say something nice to someone else without a sense of manipulating something in return?

It’s not that hard. The only thing in the way is that oval thing between our ears and this invisible backpack of stories and experiences from the path. We store them, we care for them, we treat them like our pets and some kind of unique and everlasting truth and key for every new situation.


What we find out is ourselves blocking energies by acting out of an emotion created by an event from the past. Here we go – green post-its and red post-its. This becomes a „GO“, this becomes a „NO GO“. The moment you connect yourself with your natural ressource these mindgames will pass. Clarity rises up and you do not divide the world in good and bad but just become aware of the pure situation itself.

No, it’s not easy for a mind dominated spirit to change this game. It’s not easy to let go traditional thinking. It*s not easy to breakthrouh the walls of our existence but what it does is to open up our heart in a way that open the flood gates and enlighten your complete body. This is your nature. This is where you come from, this is where you go.

Now you may say:“OK, I lost a family member or I lost a part of my body functionality. What about that? What kind of LOVE is that?“.

The answer is:

There is no sort of LOVE. Even the word unconditional is already integrated in LOVE. You are Love.

You are not separated. Awareness means to realize the room and space between the obvious. It is ONE. You are EVERYTHING and you are connected to everything. The loss of a family member hurts in a mind created and ego determined thought but it is a pointer to your origin. We fight back the truth that there is death. We fight back the truth we are ONE. We are chasing an ideal of holding water the same time we are fascinated and attracted by it’s nature. Instantly the second we let go, instantly the second we embrace it, instantly we do not argue with reality – LIFE enfolds. Love flows in and energy fills the room accompanied by inner peace and appreciation for what it is.

Telefax and w-lan

Have you ever wondered about a telefax or w-lan?

How can information be send through the air and be printed out on the other side of the room? How does this works?

Have you ask yourself the question,  why you can feel the state of somebodey else? Have you ask yourself the question how blinds navigate through this life?

There is infinite information in the air. There is infinite information in the floor. And breathing allows you to incorporate all that invisible information. It’s just a choice to blunder about in darkness or to trust your gut. Simply feel or listen to your body. We, as human beings, tend to be right in our ego, in our story, instead of just watching our energy state and allows us to enjoy.

Everything is already there to lift the curtain. You don’t have to drive yourself to the edge. The magic in life is there in every situation. But we cannot see it because we decide to be hold the water.

The puzzle

You cannat complete a puzzle by only setting the frame. Each individual part of the puzzle inside makes the image.

Take the first step. There is no better piece or worse piece. They are all the same. Human beings have the ability to evaluate and define things by their own standards beyond surviving and reproduction . This fact differentiate us from animals and plants and other beings. The symphony starts in harmony of all parts.