Collecting orbs and condensing information

THE MORE you walk through life, the more you become aware that each step is a collection of information meeting in time (a defined moment in the infinite).

Whether you meet a new person or you buy an icecream. Millions of information

Cumulate in a bubble. It is a meeting of colors, emotions, sounds, tastes, smells , feelings that create a unique composition of (your) life in exactly this heartbeat.

It is not only your life but an intersection of many lives when you prefer the limited, separated, individual view of the world.

What really happens here is simply an exchange of energies, flying together, changing molecules and painting a tableau.  It is ONE with infinite colors. It is a  boundless composition of boundless tableaus.

„Well, its hard to see it that way. We have to do a job here on planet earth. I don’t care about atoms. What’s interesting for me how to make a dollar and buy my new home. „

Got it.

Let’s recap pathways.

THE SEARCH. Walking inbetween polarity with emotions on both sites of our pathway. Get an education, get a job, serve systems, take a pension, find freedom, jump back.The challenge here: getting an overall picture, staying on track without becoming mad in a noisy environment

BEING: Relaxed with yourself playing with soulfulness in presence. Condensing information by gusto and natural unfold.

Ok. There is a trick

  • A) can be some kind of SALT N’ PEPPA rollercoaster journey with a lot of fun and pain (THATS LIFE) and
  • B) means letting go identity to have it all wherever you go (AWAKENING).

Next station:  realism. It is a challenge for any HUMAN BEING to move a mountain. It cannot happen by our actualsettings. It is also impossible to travel in time.

We are talking about lightning speed and LiFi-Technology to get a hand on natures magic doing the alchemy of energy.

What is meant?

The major difference (formulated just for a first understanding) between our mind and our heart is – the mind approaches nature, the heart is nature. Our mind does the research and our heart is the doorkeeper for love.




We cannot solve  it with our mind. Sitting in front of a mountain, staring at its existence and forming eye slits to send focussed energy into nature is a TECHNIQUE.

It’s not enough. TECHNIQUE is an enclosed tool kit and therefor conditional in a limited area. A to B mode.

Magic appears in A in A mode. You are nature. You are the answer.

Suddenly information is ONE and there is no beginning or end.

„OK. Cool.. Nice little story. Do I have to take drugs to leave the matrix?“

Not at all. It is simply to be ONE.

BEING LOVE is BEING ONE is BEING NATURE or do THE SEARCH on the other hand and enjoy yourself.

There is no good and bad. Just experience and arrival.

You can test it for yourself. The madness disappears at some point when you cross the border of looping experiences for acknowledgment in form of separating yourself from others or separating others from you.

Yes – it is funny. That’s part of the game as well to finally realize we are not more equally than others. It is funny as long as we act in a room of self-defined, secure space. The illusion here is separation in a limited space.

You cannot teach awareness. It’s an experience you ONLY will make leaving the path.

Have you ever realized people we find attractive or people we find cool do not really care about that fact?
And have you ever realized that people that try to be attractive or try to be cool by a TECHNIQUE or tool kit do not come across that way?

It is an energy of leaving your path to be acknowledged. People have a saying  „fishing for compliments“. Authenticity get lost.

It only works in a limited room with discomfort.

You cannot try to be. You are what you are. It is simply to unfold our infinite beauty .

The moment we are, the moment we are magic. Now a symphony IS that dissolves any barriers we ever set up in the game. It sends a signal of light for pure awareness.

We are already there. Just by tricking ourselves of incompletion we start THE SEARCH leaving our natural path of expression, which comes up with a lof of unwanted feelings and life situations.

The fineline here is pure freedom



WORDING – biggest, highest, what if, but

Did you ever realized that words do not roughly describe reality?

It may be a complete new perspective for you now but going a step beyond and analyse language it will become an eye opener to get a sense of human behaviour.

It’s not obvious first hand. Simple observation and sensitivity helps to become aware what situation a person is in.

See, Mehrabian taught us that human information transfer is set up by 55% of body language, mimic & gestures, 38% of tonality and 7% by the content itself. Our realization often is the other way round and we are not aware about all the information in addition to words which makes that impact or impression.

Take dog training as an example. There are probably two dozens of variations for the order „sit“. We say „SIT, SIIIIIIT, SIT, didn’t I say SIT, quietly, loud, bold, with moral pointer finger, without moral pointer, with exlamation mark, without exclamation mark, head up, head down“, and so forth. The reason why our dog is not listening is the fact it doesn*t speak and understands words. It understands energies and frequencies. In this moment we communicate everything but clarity. So it’s natural response is often the opposite we want to achieve with him.

Presence doesn’t need volume.

A more reasonable and effective way of communication for our four-legged friend is using „SIT“ for „SIT“ and naturally meaning it without any option of doubt or emotion.

Whenever you see emotion in form of high volume mixed with extreme gesture you can suppose a person is leaving his natural path and is missing all the sovereignty of his or her nature. Dog training is such a good example because you cannot fool nature. A dog is mirroring our personal gap of awareness.

Now let’s review another point here. Have you ever heard someone saying:“I am pleased to SEE you“?

Not only is there a message about some kind of joy SEEING you but also another 3 parts of information. Going with Friedemann Schulz von Thun there is always 4 levels of information (4 ear model) in communication:

  1. A factual level – the content itself
  2. A realationship level – the connection between both
  3. A personal statement about individual constitution – hidden reason for your thoughts or feelings
  4. A call to action – some kind of introduction for the next step from your counterpart

So it’s not only an

  • expression of good feeling in our example but also saying
  • „our relationship is open for another level of depth“ as well as
  • „I had so much heavy things to go with, that your visit lighten up the situation“ as well as
  • „Let’s have a good talk and information exchange“.

The puzzle comes together the moment we become aware of these different levels and energy states.

Human beings also uses VERBS and ADJECTIVES according to their type of sensing information from the outside world.

A musician potentially uses words like „listen, it sounds to me“ while a painter on the other hand may use words like „see, colorful, sight.“ Just by repeated observation you become aware human beings are in its fundamental essence energy and frequency states.

We often tend to mask our situation but it screams louder than we can hide it. Did you ever had a night long of party? Did you ever had that moment where you physical condition wasn’t able to absorb any more information? What is the natural reaction of your body? What is the natural reaction of your eyes?

You close them and fall into sleep. We are able to sense way more information as there is in words.

Whenever somebody is introducing his sentences by „when“ or „if“ his setting up conditions and is fencing the place. Just become aware we do that separation „game“ over and to

  • have security by control and
  • to find out about our true nature beyond.

(Unconditional) Love is fundamental but not in full expression in a conditional, limited, segmented, separated, lined field. All information outside of this barbwire is also LOVE. We use language as a pointer but it is just a pointer to an infinite truth.

It is the same using scaling words like the best, the worst, the most tasteful, the most anything combined with an adjetive. It doesn’t exist in nature. It is just a measurement for HUMAN BEINGS to communicate a value in polarity.

Can you see that?

By asking „regarding to what“ it refers always to an individual or global value system of HUMAN BEINGS. Any other BEING is not getting the point. So what we do here is creating language to approach nature. Leaving the door open for awareness and still see the whole environment helps us to stay in natural exchange.



Loneliness – a tunnel for awakening

Part of our journey is taking a step back. Taking a step back isn’t really a step back in human evaluation standards but get yourself into natural distance.

We are human beings. We see ourselves as social beings, so in consequence we need other beings to exist in our world.

And the biggest party has no worth when you can’t share the experience.

Hand in hand

There are two states of loneliness – physical loneliness and psychological loneliness. They both go hand in hand with each other and it is simply your awareness going through into LOVE.

Physical loneliness can met you BEING seperated or avoided by others, or can be forwarded by doing so on your own – consciously or unconsciously. It doesn’t matter at all the reason, because the only ONE leading the situation is YOU.

Whenever you try to force LIFE in a direction which isn’t congruent with (y)our true nature (although you THINK so – note : this is what the mind does) – you get a reminder of the path. You can deny it, you can go into extreme about it but it is your nature. Every try is a punch in your own body. So the process initiated will direct you directly into LOVE.

You can LISTEN or still go on with THE SEARCH.

Love does not asking about TIME & SPACE.

What life is telling

Finding yourself in these situations will come up with a lot of contemplation.

  • Where is the logic?
  • Why me?
  • What is life telling me here?

See – loneliness is created and lead by our mind. It is some kind of distance we set up as we

  • find no appreciation in our defined environment
  • give no appreciation in our defined environment

This has nothing to do with LOVE first hand but only SEARCH.

The search for LOVE

In consequence it is THE SEARCH FOR LOVE, (y)our true origin. This happens only in our mind. The reason is: our mind forget about it while running around searching for answers outside of yourself. The answer is you.

  • Finding out comes up with a lot of insanity.
  • Finding out comes up with a lot  of victims.
  • Finding out comes up with a lot of blood.
  • Finding out comes up with a lot of pain.
  • Finding out comes up with a lot of loss.

Can you embrace it?

It hurts hard and is a personal concrete threat, when it is family. It hurts a little bit less, when it is friend and close environment. It hurts much more less, when it is somewhere in your country. It is really bad but not that kind of severe when it happens on another continent.

Happy like you

The distance we have to an event determines our realization and depth of awareness. As long as we make a different – it is a separation process and we limit chances for dissolving.

Your counterpart also wants to be happy like you want. Some get lost in THE SEARCH and their choice of medium becomes extreme by desperation not finding their origin.

Extreme means the depth of yin and yang. They may chose high energy states of attacking physical or by words or they may chose psychological triggers of relationship loss in case a certain behaviour doesn’t fit in the gap of awareness.

The key to open the door

It is just NOT having access to their true nature. Doors have closed and although everything is in place they have no key to open the door. By BEING aware for yourself and knowing (without THINKING) about their situation you can dissolve any situation in a heartbeat into LOVE. You are not longer falling into traps of discussing with emotions or fighting physically or psychologically. You simply are.

Whenever you have to FIGHT for something, you have left the path!

It doesn’t mean there isn’t any truth, but

The pure ACT OF FIGHTING is a reminder, something isn’t in full expression.

Enlightment of  your environment

It is a myth to fight for your right to party. It is a myth to fight for LOVE. It is the romantic version of overcoming obstacles for a better world. The world is ok and always was. We by ourself limit awareness by playing the game of search. There never was a question mark.

We are talking about our childs. It is our education which brought them here.

By becoming aware there is no need of SEARCH to find yourself but express your individual beauty without any limitations in ONENESS, you will dive into an infinite stream of energy, that enlighten your environment like the birth of a new earth.

This isn’t rocket science but pure LOVE and it is always there.










(Re-) Searching and Learning

Understanding the world and life has two components that helps us in „personal“ awareness. When entering the planet there is a blank sheet of paper screaming for fulfillment.

What the heck is going on here?

People staring at you and making strange noises. At certain stages you suddenly meet a lot of consultants and advisors which explain the system to you. They do this in their best interest but each one at their very own personal level of „development“ and experience.

No judgement at all

As a baby you have no clue what the deal is about so you simply do. There isn’t much conceptual thinking just pure exploration. Crawling and walking for a while you find out some things work for you and othere don’t. No judgement at all.

Now, at a very early stage there are a lot of influencing factors which change the game. The first persons you met seeing the light for the very first time probably are your nurse and your parents.

The party starts and within the first minutes something is written on your personal form.

Experiences and world views

Not only you get a name but also personal experiences, attitudes, world views are immediately printed on your paper. Depending on the energy used in this process the information is cast in stone. Like the ten commandments rules are handed out in a form of guidelines you have to consider cooperating with your influencers.

There is no real need to but some kind of natural dpendence to your companions set up a level for exchange & communication.

Next step: basis school. They have prepared a collection of information for you they think is helpful. Looking back in history these systems were build to secure the status of a country and it was a first supply chain management.

It is there to help you exchanging information with other (human) BEINGS and understanding what is important for our society. In addition you get some kind of knowledge about history and structures already set up in our system.

A pure information

Up to a certain degree this information helps to get a picture. It starts becoming complicated the moment a pure information is colored with energy, emotions, limitation, separation, manipulation.  Now, that’s the way we do it to find out, who we really are. The information giver normally does it in best interest. But sometimes it is done by a lack of awareness. In the beginning this becomes our status quo and as long as we don’t see handleable alternatives we adopt it.

Your friends and your teachers they all have a journey of their own. They are all searching for THE ANSWER. And nobody tells us about LOVE. It’s always about competition and individualism. So we walk around looking for answers. In consequence it is always ONE ANSWER.

Some call it the SENSE OF LIFE, others call it SELF-ACTUALIZATION, again OTHERS say HAPPINESS. What they all have in common is a question mark, some kind of SEARCH and a lasting feeling of incompletion.

Where does this come from?

Our inner voice

At some point we leave or have left the road and stop listening to our inner voice. Here we are. Our paper coloured by information of our parents, friends, teachers but also by media, culture and religion.

It is some kind of masterpiece to stay „on track“. It becomes a challenge to really SEE, LISTEN and enjoy what you do. Everywhere you find advice but finally nobody answers.

The reason is: they cannot know. They cannot know because they have chosen the game for themselves. You may have heard the sentence:“You cannot solve a problem on the level of it’s existence.“ It’s impossible as long as they have questions for themselves.

A brilliant analogy you can find in the movie „Rainman“, where a joke is shown of Abbott & Costello.

Just talking about american baseball Abbott, the manager of the team is explaing to Costello, a peanut-seller in the stadium, the setting of the game:“Who’s on first, What’s on second and I don’t know is on third“. Costello, still laughing about an intro joke is responding:“OK, cool. You are the manger of the baseball team? So give me the names of the player. And Abott is answering:“Yeah.Who’s on first, What is on second and I don’t know on third“. Thereupon Costello is responding:“Ok, then tell me Who’s on first“ and Abott’s reponding:“Who!“, so Costello is anwering:“On first. Who is on first?“ and so on and so forth.

He isn’t getting the point. There is and never was a question. And the question isn’t answered as long as he becomes aware the player itself is WHO. As long as he is not leaving his position there is always a question. By just ANSWERING, it is solved.

So, LEARNING in consequence is some kind of SEARCHING for our nature. And it always happens in the center of polartiy, right between the opposites.

The moment you beome aware you are LOVE the question disappisars.


Life is simple

The journey of mankind is in a real early stage of existence. But looking into the world shows – we have created a lot.

Watching it from a birds view there is a lot of movement on this planet. Like little ants we are running all day long from one place to another being busy with DOING. A comedian once said:“There is always something to do, even when it means to skin an apple“.

And everything is important. We have no time to enjoy this life. We are planning the next big thing to change the world. And this is a fine line because acting keeps us in motion and our muscles need some kind of exercise to be flexible.

Love and Research

Let’s break it down. There are two major fields responsible for our well-being: LOVE and RESEARCH. Research is some kind of engine driving us to explore the planet and our possibilities. What is the highest possible version of ourselves? And the answer is: LOVE. So we will always move in a circle to our starting point. It doesn’t matter if we overcome death one day and have the technique to heal all diseases to become immortal.

You cannot grow bigger than infinite and unconditional. So it seems we are running inside of a train thinking to reach our destination faster. This is pure insanity. So what we do by research is a sort of energy exchange, where we use all available energy sources to find out who we really are. And because nobody gives an anwer we started a competition; a race who’s first. It’s not about awareness but about being the first who saves the world. But the world doesn’t need to rescued neither by war nor by starvation.

The ticket we have chosen

Why? Because it is always acting against something not for something. It isn’t the fact that there isn’t enough love or there isn’t enough food. It is just the fact that we realise ourselves as individuums. That’s part of the ticket we have chosen. We want to find out who we are. So everything we do on and with planet earth serves this answer.

What we are not aware of is the fact we are in constant exchange with each other. BEING angry, BEING happy, BEING sorry, BEING peaceful has an impact on your environment even when you think nobody is there. Even when you think it’s only a wave of a few metres. Your environment changes in an instant.

It’s not hard to understand but for some reason we don’t wanna give up thinking we could find another truth. For some reason we think to lose our uniqueness by letting go our EGO. Isn’t it the other way round. See all these hard working people fighting for acknowlegdement, appreciation and love.

The mirror of our soul

You don’t have to fight for anything in life. Not for a job nor for love nor for confirmation. If you have to – LISTEN. Listen to the quiet and feel. Feel inside if that’s what you are looking for. Just watch people right in their face and see if they look happy, relaxed and full of joy. Our skin is the mirror of our soul. You can see EGO reflected in our skin. Much more you feel the attendance of EGO in every situation.

  • Have you ever had the feeling of indisposition in attendance of a person?
  • Have you ever had the feeling of knowing somebody is manipulating you?
  • Have you ever had the feeling your counterpart is purely taken you for his personal purpose?

Why do we feel that? Why do we see HONESTY, HUMILITY and SINCERITY in a persons face and also RAGE, EGO and DECEIT?

It’s our filter’s called senses which helps us for

a) awareness
b) orientation
c) surving

The awareness for LOVE, an orientation for HOMECOMING and surviving for THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

The beauty in a smile

In the beginning we strive for FUN, in the middle we strive for MONEY and in the end we strive for LOVE.

You by yourself decide what kind of awakening you need to feel presence. You can walk the highest mountain, you can walk the deepest valley, you can lead yourself into complete trouble or simply see the beauty there is.

Life is simple. You are already here. The answer is your true nature.

This infinite reminder is always at your site. The moment you open your eyes and see the beauty in a smile, see the beauty in a sunset or in a shower of rain, the moment you kiss love.





Do you recognize the one thing people around the world talk about all day and all night long? Do you see what the world is striving for?

For the majority of people it still seems to be a mystery but nobody deny the obvious  it is EVERYTHING.

But how to paint a full image?


When LOVE is used as a noun in daily communication, in ninety percent of the usage it has the meaning of conditional LOVE. Why? Because we always set conditions for giving or receiving LOVE. It depends on certain parameters we define for fulfillment in order to speak about LOVE.

A person has to do something, an animal has to behave in a certain way, a partner has to react in our interest and so on.

Can you see that isn’t LOVE in it’s pure meaning? Can you feel that we only talk about a small fraction of LOVE?

  • LOVE has no specification.
  • LOVE needs no adverb.
  • LOVE doesn’t have a different meaning adding more words to it.
  • LOVE is.

Even the word UNCONDITIONAL is just for explaining purposes. It is the nature of LOVE to be unconditional. It is the nature of LOVE to be independent. It is the nature of LOVE to be infinite.


You can be romantic about LOVE and reduce it to the giving and receiving of LOVE in a partnership or on christmas or you still BEING LOVE in it’s very own nature.  It doesn’t depend on time or space.

The reason why so many people on planet earth striving for recognition and appreciation is that they left the path to find out their true nature. And the only possible way is becoming aware of the complete opposite. You cannot realize being big when there is no polarity. There have to be small people to understand what big is. And you cannot understand LOVE when there is no opposite. You don’t have to for natural expression but it a door. So our awakening is: we are LOVE itself. This is hard to get, honestly.

Walking in the infinite

Now, this words only feed our brain with concepts. The journey is to find out by letting go or simply BEING. The more you see, the more you realize you are walking in the infinite. We come from somewhere, enter the world, go from A to B, go from A to B, go from A to B as much as we can and leave this planet. The only reason why we do not feel at home, the reason we do not have a feeling of BEING there is hunting our tail.

What is the fastest connection to a goal?

The fastest connection to a goal is already being there. You don’t have to go somewhere else to find you, you don’t have to go somewhere else to find LOVE. It is already here. You are LOVE.

„Ok. I am LOVE, but what does it mean? I don’t have a clue.“

Have you ever realized TIME is hand made by human BEINGS? It doesn’t exist the way we define it.

Have you ever realized SPACE, like our countries, is devided and claimed by human BEINGS. It doesn’t exist the way we define it.

Have you ever realized that we separate a year in weeks and days and hours and seconds just for orientation and security. Life goes on after 24 hours. This frame is a human invention. Yes, it helps but it isn*t natural.

Frames and borders

Can you see all the frames and borders we build in an infinite universe? Even our body seems to be a closed organism but we sweat, our senses exchanges millions of information each day. Our complete cell system is renewed in the journey. A border is a limitation of nature. The realization of yourself as an individuum is a part of the game. It is a choice to see yourself limited. Your nature is infinite.

People may say they do not believe in a god, in a higher power, in a religion. It doesn’t matter. The moment they feel this voice inside of themselves they BELIEVE. And this BELIEVE is just a reminder of their infinite potential. It is a guide directly into LOVE. People chose to leave the path (without ever knowing it) and at some point in the journey they simply LET GO the thought. The thought of having to do something to BE. They fall into their very own nature and simply BEING.


If you feel alone, if you feel disconnected, if you feel away from your personal self, just LET GO everything not BEING you.


Energy – Flow – Eternal

Are you still searching? Are you still chasing your ideal life? Is there something missing?

There is an answer that leads you directly on track. You don*t have to ask for it. The secret is to become sensitive and aware of what*s really going on under the surface. Much more to use all of your senses to train yourself in simply BEING.

„Mmmmh, what do  you mean by simply BEING?“

So, have you ever had an experience of being in your state? You didn’t have to think about anything. You just did. Everything was natural to you and time was rushing by. The more you become aware of your nature, the more you realize everything is energy. I mean EVERYTHING. And everything that happens is an exchange of energy.


I know, we are trained to divide the world in polarity:

Strong – Weak
Big – Small
Black – White
Hot – Cold
Slow – Fast
Sweet – Sour
New – Old

From the very beginning everyone around us builds up the image of contrast. And you know what: it is exactly the field of learning.

I was listening to a webinar these days, as I do regularly and often, while the host was representing a flood of information about his special topic. I cannot say what it was in detail but in retrospection my memory of it is a storm of knowledge banging my head and I wasn’t really concentrated. It became very diffus over hours but suddenly there was moment that waken up my awareness. It hits me like a meteorite as I didn’t thought about it before. What the representer said was the following:

We learn between security and insecurity.

BAMM. It was there. And it is exactly that. Nothing more to understand for your life.

Liquidating life

Freeze it and breathe it and your awareness takes quantum leaps in combination with liquidating your life simply in its fundamental energy fields itself.

„Yeah sure, liquidating life. Could it be a bit more concrete?“

See, the only reason why you are still missing something in your life is the fact you are walking around without BEING in the zone – in your zone, in your personal energy field. Nothing is more attractive, as it is your NATURE.

„Ok, what stops me from BEING in the zone?“

  • BEING in the ZONE means not thinking.
  • BEING in the ZONE means BEING in LOVE.
  • BEING in the ZONE means not JUDGING.

If there is a situation in your life, where you are still chasing your ideal life, simply get in the ZONE.

Take one the polarities above and realize they are all absorbed by your five senses –


What helps you to become aware of what’s going in the game is to dive into the energy fiels behind every situation.

Breathe a situation with your five senses

Lets say you have a mobbing situation in your job? Ask yourself: am I personally in my natural state. Do I act in a natural way without leaving my path, without being slimy, without doing it for someone else or disrespecting another person? A mobbing situation often occurs when people wants to be right, when they feel disadvantaged. Breathe the situation with your five senses – does it feel natural? What energies are leading the moment honestly?

Awareness is radical honesty. It doesn’t help at all to color behaviour. At least your personal behaviour. The moment you reflect a situation with radical honesty you will find out that your REAL NATURE will melt every conflict your monkey mind come up with.

Why? Because you stop claiming. You stop searchin answers outside. In your trueself you melt these SITUATIONS in love without expecting.

„Ok, BUT the other party is responsible?“.

Step into LOVE

It doesn’t matter. Your journey in life brought you here to WAKE UP. Your journey is challenging to step into (your) LOVE. Your journey is challenging you to LEARN moving in polarity. Not judging, not leaving your path, not walking to the left nor to the right, but simply stay centered in awareness.

In that moment you get natural distanced from the movie , you are free of emotions and balance the energy. You create a room where everyone and everything is able to enfold.

Have you ever had the feeling of having a problem and did a walk in the forest?

What nature does is to offer a room of arrival.
What nature does is to offer a room of freedom.
What nature does is to embrace the madness in our head.

Imagine yourself doing exactly the same. Can you feel the presence? Can you feel that natural sovereignty?

This is the answer.



There are only two paths in life – yours and the search of it

Hey you, yes you – come closer. Did you hear it? Did you hear about what*s going on in the world? Did you hear what’s going on in your world? No? You were busy the last year?

The search goes on

Mmmmh, I just ask in case you were busy with THE SEARCH. See, the majority of people running out in a huge circle chasing themselves.

  • That*s the exact reason why they are unfulfilled.
  • That’s the exact reason why the have the feeling of not arriving anywhere.
  • Thats the reason why they got lost in information overload.

To be honest, that’s the exact reason why they feel unhappy in their very own body.

They know there is something special inside but they cannot find the manifestation in the outside world. Much more they tried a million pathways in every imaginable direction but what they fo und is always this gap between the place they are and the place where they wanna go. And they wonder what the hell on earth needs to be done to exit this level. Everyone outthere seems to have a better setting, every0ne outthere is overtaking in high speed when it comes to wealth, holidays and personal happiness.

A reminder of your infinite nature

It looks so damn easy for everyone to live life to the fullest, while you are taking the fifth extra round to understand the circus. So what this article and this website helps you with is some kind of infninite reminder of your nature – a love signal to step up into your full potential. See, there is not some kind of voodoo here nor rocket sciene. It often looks like that as we are completely mad and extreme in chosing a pathway which is so far away from our true self, that the closest thing often seems to easy or absurd.

Do you understand you are already there? Hard to get, isn’t it? I completely get it. We cannot see the magic here and now as our mind is always running in the past and in the future. We are blaming, shaming, justyfying the situations we went through, our behaviour and the persons around us not serving our goals.


Marc Goulston, a famous psychiatrist, tells the story in his beautiful book „Just Listen“ of a man, reaching out to him, searching for help in his very special situation. So one day this man came to his surgery and Marc invited him to enter the office. Sitting in front of each other Marc opened up the dialogue and asked how he can help. Immediately this man started speeding up, speaking in a very intensive voice about all the thing going wrong in his life, who is responsible for the situation he is in, and how bad life is treating him,  Angry and impulsive he shouted out all his complainings about the outside world not realizing Marc sitting in front of him resting in total silence. Coming to the end of his monologue, completely out of breath and furious, he is asking Marc what he can do in his very unique situation, that it wasn’t at all. And Marc said:“LISTEN„. The man, completely irritated, replied:“What?“. Marc repeated:“LISTEN„. Not understanding what Marc is referring to, the man stumbled:“Listen to what?“. And Marc said:“LISTEN TO THE QUIET„. In that very moment all dikes collapsed, walls came down and this huge man broke into tears.

The answer is you

See – the answer is always there. The answer is you. But we often miss the point searching it somewhere else. The moment you become aware your nature is oneness, you realize the outside world not only is a mirror of your inner expression but it is the sum of its parts. All the madness, all the victories, all the losses, all the happiness in the world is you. The simple fact of evolution is you have a mind to evaluate experiences in good and bad by your own standards. It is no longer a fact of surviving or reproduction. These standards in consequence build walls around you and prison your greatness.

In quiet there is no time. In quiet there is no evalution. In quiet there is no judgement but simple presence.

And the more you realize your presence the more you fall back into your nature. And this nature is pure love. This nature is infinite. And the reason why you will fall into endless laughter is because you become aware that this game we are playing is a cat chasing its own tail. You are already there. You are beautiful the way you are. You are love.