(Re-) Searching and Learning

Understanding the world and life has two components that helps us in „personal“ awareness. When entering the planet there is a blank sheet of paper screaming for fulfillment.

What the heck is going on here?

People staring at you and making strange noises. At certain stages you suddenly meet a lot of consultants and advisors which explain the system to you. They do this in their best interest but each one at their very own personal level of „development“ and experience.

No judgement at all

As a baby you have no clue what the deal is about so you simply do. There isn’t much conceptual thinking just pure exploration. Crawling and walking for a while you find out some things work for you and othere don’t. No judgement at all.

Now, at a very early stage there are a lot of influencing factors which change the game. The first persons you met seeing the light for the very first time probably are your nurse and your parents.

The party starts and within the first minutes something is written on your personal form.

Experiences and world views

Not only you get a name but also personal experiences, attitudes, world views are immediately printed on your paper. Depending on the energy used in this process the information is cast in stone. Like the ten commandments rules are handed out in a form of guidelines you have to consider cooperating with your influencers.

There is no real need to but some kind of natural dpendence to your companions set up a level for exchange & communication.

Next step: basis school. They have prepared a collection of information for you they think is helpful. Looking back in history these systems were build to secure the status of a country and it was a first supply chain management.

It is there to help you exchanging information with other (human) BEINGS and understanding what is important for our society. In addition you get some kind of knowledge about history and structures already set up in our system.

A pure information

Up to a certain degree this information helps to get a picture. It starts becoming complicated the moment a pure information is colored with energy, emotions, limitation, separation, manipulation.  Now, that’s the way we do it to find out, who we really are. The information giver normally does it in best interest. But sometimes it is done by a lack of awareness. In the beginning this becomes our status quo and as long as we don’t see handleable alternatives we adopt it.

Your friends and your teachers they all have a journey of their own. They are all searching for THE ANSWER. And nobody tells us about LOVE. It’s always about competition and individualism. So we walk around looking for answers. In consequence it is always ONE ANSWER.

Some call it the SENSE OF LIFE, others call it SELF-ACTUALIZATION, again OTHERS say HAPPINESS. What they all have in common is a question mark, some kind of SEARCH and a lasting feeling of incompletion.

Where does this come from?

Our inner voice

At some point we leave or have left the road and stop listening to our inner voice. Here we are. Our paper coloured by information of our parents, friends, teachers but also by media, culture and religion.

It is some kind of masterpiece to stay „on track“. It becomes a challenge to really SEE, LISTEN and enjoy what you do. Everywhere you find advice but finally nobody answers.

The reason is: they cannot know. They cannot know because they have chosen the game for themselves. You may have heard the sentence:“You cannot solve a problem on the level of it’s existence.“ It’s impossible as long as they have questions for themselves.

A brilliant analogy you can find in the movie „Rainman“, where a joke is shown of Abbott & Costello.

Just talking about american baseball Abbott, the manager of the team is explaing to Costello, a peanut-seller in the stadium, the setting of the game:“Who’s on first, What’s on second and I don’t know is on third“. Costello, still laughing about an intro joke is responding:“OK, cool. You are the manger of the baseball team? So give me the names of the player. And Abott is answering:“Yeah.Who’s on first, What is on second and I don’t know on third“. Thereupon Costello is responding:“Ok, then tell me Who’s on first“ and Abott’s reponding:“Who!“, so Costello is anwering:“On first. Who is on first?“ and so on and so forth.

He isn’t getting the point. There is and never was a question. And the question isn’t answered as long as he becomes aware the player itself is WHO. As long as he is not leaving his position there is always a question. By just ANSWERING, it is solved.

So, LEARNING in consequence is some kind of SEARCHING for our nature. And it always happens in the center of polartiy, right between the opposites.

The moment you beome aware you are LOVE the question disappisars.