Life is simple

The journey of mankind is in a real early stage of existence. But looking into the world shows – we have created a lot.

Watching it from a birds view there is a lot of movement on this planet. Like little ants we are running all day long from one place to another being busy with DOING. A comedian once said:“There is always something to do, even when it means to skin an apple“.

And everything is important. We have no time to enjoy this life. We are planning the next big thing to change the world. And this is a fine line because acting keeps us in motion and our muscles need some kind of exercise to be flexible.

Love and Research

Let’s break it down. There are two major fields responsible for our well-being: LOVE and RESEARCH. Research is some kind of engine driving us to explore the planet and our possibilities. What is the highest possible version of ourselves? And the answer is: LOVE. So we will always move in a circle to our starting point. It doesn’t matter if we overcome death one day and have the technique to heal all diseases to become immortal.

You cannot grow bigger than infinite and unconditional. So it seems we are running inside of a train thinking to reach our destination faster. This is pure insanity. So what we do by research is a sort of energy exchange, where we use all available energy sources to find out who we really are. And because nobody gives an anwer we started a competition; a race who’s first. It’s not about awareness but about being the first who saves the world. But the world doesn’t need to rescued neither by war nor by starvation.

The ticket we have chosen

Why? Because it is always acting against something not for something. It isn’t the fact that there isn’t enough love or there isn’t enough food. It is just the fact that we realise ourselves as individuums. That’s part of the ticket we have chosen. We want to find out who we are. So everything we do on and with planet earth serves this answer.

What we are not aware of is the fact we are in constant exchange with each other. BEING angry, BEING happy, BEING sorry, BEING peaceful has an impact on your environment even when you think nobody is there. Even when you think it’s only a wave of a few metres. Your environment changes in an instant.

It’s not hard to understand but for some reason we don’t wanna give up thinking we could find another truth. For some reason we think to lose our uniqueness by letting go our EGO. Isn’t it the other way round. See all these hard working people fighting for acknowlegdement, appreciation and love.

The mirror of our soul

You don’t have to fight for anything in life. Not for a job nor for love nor for confirmation. If you have to – LISTEN. Listen to the quiet and feel. Feel inside if that’s what you are looking for. Just watch people right in their face and see if they look happy, relaxed and full of joy. Our skin is the mirror of our soul. You can see EGO reflected in our skin. Much more you feel the attendance of EGO in every situation.

  • Have you ever had the feeling of indisposition in attendance of a person?
  • Have you ever had the feeling of knowing somebody is manipulating you?
  • Have you ever had the feeling your counterpart is purely taken you for his personal purpose?

Why do we feel that? Why do we see HONESTY, HUMILITY and SINCERITY in a persons face and also RAGE, EGO and DECEIT?

It’s our filter’s called senses which helps us for

a) awareness
b) orientation
c) surving

The awareness for LOVE, an orientation for HOMECOMING and surviving for THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

The beauty in a smile

In the beginning we strive for FUN, in the middle we strive for MONEY and in the end we strive for LOVE.

You by yourself decide what kind of awakening you need to feel presence. You can walk the highest mountain, you can walk the deepest valley, you can lead yourself into complete trouble or simply see the beauty there is.

Life is simple. You are already here. The answer is your true nature.

This infinite reminder is always at your site. The moment you open your eyes and see the beauty in a smile, see the beauty in a sunset or in a shower of rain, the moment you kiss love.