A leap of faith into the unknown

The ticket we have chosen is finding out who we really are. There was no need to in general but simple energy exchange in our universe wasn’t enough .

So by the big bang we had to chance to play the game going from infinite into separation just to have the chance to explore the opposite of ourselves. Still we could walk in our true nature but know there was an opportunity going into extreme to learn about our origin – LOVE.

The torch

We were given a torch to walk through and since then have this eternal reminder where we come from.

It is the ride of our life. Entering planet earth we finished a nine month channel surfing, that prepared ourselves for the fun part.  And here we are.

Standing at the starting line, there wasn’t so much thinking. It was pure joy to explore the park. At some point we decided to use all the resources given to become aware of who we are. It was like walking in the candy shop to the point where we found out others were on the planet too. Suddenly a thought of separation came up that ressources are limited. A race started to collect THE MORE.

Welcome to life

Have you ever experienced there is a lot of information out there?

Have you ever experienced blind spots? You didn’t know about a certain thing?

So this is the game you are in. It is and was our personal choice to find out. This is the reason why we started. So the challenge here is a game without any instructions. You were equipped with up to sixth senses and are completely free to chose your pathway. Now because of the fact more and more did so, it became a very high intensive and complex game, because people set up more limitatons inside a game of separation.

Is it too abstract?

In today’s life we are surrounded by systems set up to ease our life. Whatever we do happens in a strict frame of time & space. Whatever information lies outside of our frame of awareness is NEW. It is the UNKNOWN …for our mind. It may be a new partner, it may be a new job, it may be a new type of icecream. It is a new world.

Crossing the line

We generally call it growth to step outside. Have you ever realized feeling better after crossing a border of your personal limitation? Have you ever realized feeling a tiny little piece bigger doing something you never did before? Doesn’t it give some kind of self-awareness?

Do you see the word? Awareness of your SELF. Can you imagine a circle symbolizing all there is? Now mark a point outside of this circle representing e.g. a job application. It demands a lot of courage from us to walk straight to the point. A lot of thinking is coming up what will happen next. But for some reason we are attracted by that point just to know what is possible for us, what is in.

It doesn’t matter what the point stands for. Just by watching the process you can see our journey. So now that you took a leap of faith and had this experience, expand the circle behind that point. Isn’t it a much bigger circle than before? What happens if you can do that a 100 times? What happens if you do that a 1000 times?

A big laugh

You will go through a lot of emotions, you will go through a lot of experiences, you will open a lot of doors.

And you will met a lot of facets of life. Having it all done with the fear and doubts you had of all these situations, with the fun, your laughter and your tears

  • What do you think will last?
  • What do you think is the answer?
  • Why do you think Buddha had such a big laugh?

The reason why we always have that feeling of incompletion, inbalance and pressure, of struggling and insanity is denying ourselves as the answer. Not from a point of: having to proof or collecting confirmation but from a point of pure fulfilment.

This leap of faith is just a pure trust in your true nature.

The leap of faith is a step into LOVE.

It is only our mind creating walls, it is only our mind persuading us to leave the path. Your heart already knows the answer. This is your tourch. You can dim it by fear and doubts but you can’t erase it. It is always there.