Time and Money

What time is it? What time is it in the world? What time?

Have you ever realized there is no time? Have you ever experienced a situation in your life where time wasn’t an issue?

Isn’t it fascinating that probably the most intense and beautiful moments of our lives don’t know time?

A dimension of reality

It seems to be there is another dimension of reality where watches have no real meaning. Probably the first person reminded me of NOW was Eckhart Tolle. It is a complete different perspective of the world and it hits you like a hammer the moment you realize the depth of it. Following the path you will find out that all meditation is based on this fact of timeless presence. Especially to write a sentence like that fills your body with pure divinity.

Have you ever observed yourself? Have you ever come across behaving like an idiot?

Isn’t it funny to admit you have been a complete fool? We are on a journey and we don’t know better. So we are testing things out. This is all kinds of research. We want to understand ourselves, we want to understand why we are here, we want to have fun. A fineline in this process is losing contact to our true nature. This happens when we start jumping into past and future. Our mind is creating pictures of ideal states and compare it to the situation now. We want more.

Bad feelings

This MORE is the GAP to the awareness of your true nature. What it does is to activate your emotions.

When emotions are involved you leave the path of your true nature.

Ok, it has to be detailed. Emotions are a part of our nature. It helps a lot to become aware of it as some kind of toolbox that refers to your origin. See, there are emotions we connect with good feelings (high energies) and there are emotions we connect with bad feelings (low energies). The learning happens inbetween.

Whenever you step into an emotion (and it will probably and primarily bad feelings that works as a reminder) you outcenter yourself. Imagine it like a left and right (no judgement here about better or worse – just energy states). Deep in your heart you know all that stuff.

The freedom exist in the timelessness of the middle.

You may know that already as your balance.

Sovereignty of your nature

The wisdom here is our independence. The wisdom here is sovereignty of your nature without any judgement.

It’s exactly the same with money. Some say money is evil others say it is power. What it is in its essence is just an energy state that is attracted by other energy fields. Any judgement just fuels your emotions to leave the path. It is easy as that. Money is just that exchange.

Going back in history it is and was all times. We exchange values along our whole evolution.

You simply can feel this inner inbalance when somebody does a favour for you. It may feel ok when it is a one-timer, but it becomes more and more maladjusted by every single time it goes on your credit colum. You wanna give back. You wanna adjust this relationship.

We already know the answer

Why do you think there is so much CHARITY? Inside we know the answer.

We are always chasing THE MORE. When we reach the level of having enough beyond our imagination some kind of gap appears. What to do next? Often we get bored and do not know where to go. This again is a fineline and a lot of people lost themselves in drugs to enter a new dimension of self-experience.

Can you see it?

The reason of sharing is awareness of oneness. But it isn’t completed to the finish-line. We realize ourselves as an individual person.

In our hearts there is a light that shines as a unerasable reminder of our connection.
In our hearts there is a light that reminds ourselves of oneness when someone needs help,

but do we have the guts to let go completely to dive into our true nature?

Balance to the I

Money is everywhere. The queston is are we willing enough to restore the balance to the T (a better letter here for an image is the I) ?

Balancing these energies means lost of a lot of hand made EGO-Power.

The truth always jeopardize our minds as it means insecurity.

Time simply is a control mechanism that helps us to meet appointments and money is an energy ressource we have created to expand our possibilities of awareness.






A short-cut for releasing your full potential, open up for your nature & falling in LOVE is … presence.

Presence is LOVE

The question here is: how to get into your presence?! And the answer is really easy – LET GO and BE RADICAL HONEST WITH YOURSELF. No coloring, no pleasing, no nothing. And you will see magic appears.

Why? Because you stop foolin yourself with roles you think you have to fulfil in order to be recognized, accepted or be loved. See, it is a form of insanity doing something for love while YOU ARE LOVE.

Now what does it mean to BE IN PRESENCE?

Being in presence is nothing more than to have radical clarity about who you really are. A consquence is going into radical expression of your potential and nature and hereby getting in full connection with yourself & the outside world. Let me repeat that:

presence means radical clarity about who you really are, the expression of your very own nature and  a deep & pure connection to yourself & the outside world.

You may wonder why the term radical is used and some people may be get upset here. It simply means a hundred percent. Not ninety nine point ninety nine percent – nope a hundred.  Why is this essential? Presence is not a compromise. Nature is not a compromise. It doesn’t work with a handbrake without leaving braking marks. It is cause and effect. A compromise simply is a limitation of your possibilities.

The reason why we do not experienc LOVE is trying and searching instead of BEING.

A state of homecoming

Our whole life we are chasing this state of homecoming, this state of being arrived, this state of being in a flow, this state of effortless doing.

The simple magic is raising your presence. A beautiful mirror is leading a dog. You cannot lead a dog whith a presence of thirty percent. Nature doesn’t work that way. This is what happens all around the world and it is the eacat reason why dog owners become desparate. The dog (nature) will fill in the blank. And it is insane to believe we can control nature by punishment or more energy.

Energy has nothing to do with presence.

It has no natural and goalguiding consequence to scream and lead your energy against something you wanna direct in harmony and LOVE. This is pure violence. Not only do you leave your very own presence. Much more nobody will follow naturally an energy like this not even a human being nor a dog. It is determined by our EGO to force ourselves into search mode.

Applause from an audience

Presence is a radical clarity about the fact, you are perfect the way you are, whereever you are, without any applause from an audience.

We block ourselves thinking.
We block ourselves thinking we have to make sacrifices.
We block ourselves thinking we have to force ourselves to success.

Isn’t it hard to do it that way? Does it feel natural to manipulate nature, human beings, animals to our satisfaction. It may work for a while BUT for some reasons there is an inbalance that will catch up later on. Why? YOU ARE EVERYTHING. Manipulating someone else is manipulating yourself. Acting in violence against someone else is cutting yourself an arm off.

The moment you touch your true nature

The moment you touch your true nature all searching and questioning disappears and vice versa.

There is no uncertainty about where to go and what to do. There is no doubt what to say. There isn’t even time; time to think about disrespecting anyone or anything else. You will be overwhelmed by the freedom you create for yourself in BEING clear about yourself.

With this presence you create a secure space for your environment.
With this presende you allow nature to enfold itself. And this means to allow a person, an animal, a plant to grow in LOVE.

Can you imagine what kind of magic you open yourself up? Can you imagine what kind of feeling is to „stop thinking“?

Inner silence. You instantly get access to infinite ressources. Walls come down and information is coming and going through at the speed of light.

Now you walk in your shoes. There is no need to try, there is no need to leave the path, there is no need to wear a mask.

Suddenly you SEE. It is not that it happens from time to time. It is a state of BEING that was always there but covered with thoughts of a monkey mind thinking it needs to control nature to BE.