How to manifest a dream

Does it require some magic powder to manifest your dream? Is there a special technique to put this image out of your mind bubble into reality?

Maybe. Maybe there is something outside our power of imagination or a blind spot we are not aware of. Yuval Noah Harari described it in his book „Homo Deus“ just as some kind of technique to cross the boder of mortality or disease.

There is a much easier way in life. You don’t have to do research at all. All you need is awareness and the guts to let go your mind movies, any kind of knowledge you may have and any kind or duties you think there are. Especially emotions, the salt & pepper for the majority of people, should be packed accurately in a case, sorted by good and bad, and should be stored in subterrain for this experience.

Clean up the circus

The secret is to natural clean up the circus by awareness.

Probably the number one and two goal of human beings is to be happy and free. So we are taking a ticket for THE SEARCH and put ourselves on track. Now – very often it happens that we do not realize: it is putting ourselves OFF track.

We take an exit and try something new. Nothing „wrong“ about that. Right or wrong is simply a judgement created by mankind spiced with personal emotions. More helpful are the terms goalguided or not goalguided. Now that we have decided to leave our natural pathway everything serves the fact to proof our mind we ARE RIGHT. BUT …

  • Why on EARTH doesn’t it feel that way?
  • Why is there always that thought of „could be better“?

What we do is hunting THE MORE, the higher version of ourselves.

The „HIGHEST“ version of ourselves

But what ist he highest possible version of YOU?

Thinking doesn’t stop at the end of our atmosphere, so what do you think ist he highest possible version of YOU?

Let’s say you have the chance to snap, little Jeannie appears, and there is one wish.

What is this NEW BEGINNING?

All borders melt in an instant. Easyness flows in, and your heart opens with a power you asked for all of your life. It’s there. Without any effort. No more fighting, no more misorientation, no more searching – just pure clarity, expression and connction.

See, what stops ourself in experiencing this state is an old  mind movie we are pushed insidiously in.  We build walls in our head and put barbwire on top o fit, in order to feel secure in our own body. What we don’t realize is a pure limitation of ourselves.

Consequence is: we do not live our full potential and in our true nature – LOVE.

Melting boundaries

So how do we manifest our dreams?

It’s the exact same process. Melt this boundaries of the bubble and your dream will come down right in front of your feet and manifest in reality.

The magic is just getting access to your infinite true nature and then move.

How does this work?

The fast way is to become real. The real YOU.

Not to hide because you have a different sexual orientation. Not to hide because you have a different opinion or skin color. And simply be aware of your intention behind your acting.

An intention beside soulfulness and LOVE is just a business.

All acting to feel LOVE, to be LOVED, all acting to BE ACKNOWLEDGED, all acting to BE ACCEPTED is chasing the TAIL of your nature. All energy you send out forced by emotions is THE GAME WE ARE PLAYING TO FIND OUT WE ARE

Dissappearance of time and space

By becoming aware of your nature all time and space dissappears. You put yourself in an infinite stream of informations from which you chose to manifest.

„Ok. That sounds great, but can you please concrete how to manifest an INDIVIDUAL dream?“

The individual dream is a dream inside THE SEARCH.  It is just an A to B goal that finally serves your awakening.

Condensation of data

The framework is … walking towards. Bringing the information together. Step by step. Without time, without any space, without any pressure. Just move towards. Manifesting is simply to raise density of all informations regarding your special topic and canalise it.

It sounds so easy but to put all of your senses in an environment that looks like your dream, that smells like your dream, that tastes like your dream, that sounds like your dream, that feels like your dream – is your dream.

It is just that. You will find a deepening of steps in our awareness class.

It is your life. The moment you realize it*s only our mind tricking us, the moment you melt all this illusional barriers and obstacles and dive into your REAL  YOU.

Now it’s playing in the zone. Not it becomes effortless.

It is a complete different game. You are no longer in THE SEARCH. There are no questions. You are the anwer. You give the anwer.