Nature fills in the blank

One thing you become aware of in your journey is the fact that space is a place for the visible nature to enfold.

  • Not a single sound would exist without silence.
  • Not a single word would exist without whitespace.
  • Not a single person would exist without the air.

Going a step beyond you see nature offers the room for it’s own unfolding.

So what does this kryptic sentence mean.

The inner balance of space

Imagine yourself a situation where somebody is complaining about someone or something. What you instantly become aware of is that she or he has left her or his own path. You can use this as an awareness reminder without any judgement at all. Seeing someone in her or his emotion this person outcentered herself / himself. Again, no judgement at all. In this situation people in this environment either tend to agree on the same energy level or confront this statements with a higher energy level to push against. In both cases there is no real solution. Option A somehow confirms the process of outcentering and doesn’t support inner balancing. Option B rises an already existing energy into another extreme of confrontation where escalation levels needs to be really advanced.

The moment you experience your very own nature and „walk in your full potential, walk in LOVE you open space for personal unfolding. One of your characteristics will become to offer a room for other people

  • to feel accepted,
  • to feel welcomed,
  • to feel home,
  • to express themselves.

Why? Because it is exactly what is missing. It is exactly the reason why this person outcentered himself.

Love doesn*t ask.

Searching souls

It is this expression of infinite BEING. Why do you think LISTEN is some kind of healing for a lot of searching souls in our world? People get more and more introverted with their personal injuries and unexpressed energies. They are looking for open hearts (open rooms) to canalise energy.

Whenever you have something going on in your monkey mind – you feel alone, you feel misunderstood, you feel hurt, you think something is going extremely into  „false“ (not goaloriented) direction –

  • take a walk in the forest
  • just sit in silence
  • climb a mountain
  • swim in the sea

This space in and of mother nature will absorb all those destructive thoughts. It will create a natural balance and instantly you feel better.

The end of your search

Whenever someone else is going crazy a room without any judgement, without any participation, a room with love is some kind of lighthouse in this situation. Love embraces what is.

This is pure magic. Falling into your true nature is the END OF YOUR SEARCH. It is just a decision away.

What happens is you lighten up you environment, one by one see LOVE in its pure expression and is reminded of the answer for it all. All questions disappear.

Nature is LOVE.

And to get complete a picture of the scene – it is an energy exchange inside of its own. Not only is that situation dissolved but all the energies of the participated parts has changed.

There is a saying:

„You can be right or you can be happy.“

Can you feel natural sovereignty not having to be right?
Can you feel the freedom of KNOWING without any urge of discussing?
Can you feel LOVE in just offering room to nature (any BEING in the world)?

Timeless distance without any gap

This space is our invisible BRIDGE to become aware of ONENESS. This space is our invisible connection to exchange information and find home. This space is not only the air to breath but also the most beautiful expression of timeless DISTANCE without any gap.

Have you ever seen this old buildings in our cities where nature comes through?

Have you ever realized nature finds it’s way?

The same with you. You can build all these walls of seemingly security around your heart. You can wear a protective shell. The truth is your heart already knows. The only security there is  – is LOVE and the awareness YOU ARE LOVE. The moment you find out your presence will come through like the sun breaking through the walls.

So whatever you plan for the journey – enjoy it. You are already there.

Magnetic nature

Presence is clarity about your origin, the expression of your very own nature, and the connection to and of all BEING.

You can put it in an equation: clarity + expression = connection. Whatever you are looking for in life – whether it is happiness, health, money, a partner. Solving the equation, get clarity by awareness and express your true nature, magnetizes all the things you are looking for.