The drive for more

The journey of life is an experience. Regarding it from a perspective of HUMAN BEINGS it looks like a collection of events. Now – going deeper you will find out it is just ONE. One constantly changing moment. Imagine yourself a tableau on the wall that is constantly changing its appearance.

Sometimes it may look like the same but when you get closer you see a gazillion little cells in exchange –  colors, temperature, shapes. They are communicationg in a way you become speechless about this perfection.

A beautiful symphony

Zooming in you find yourselves BEING a part of this beautiful symphony. Zooming out it looks like you are mirrored in the whole composition.

Have you ever realized our drive for more?

Success people call it growth. What it should say is an expression for personal development.

But what is the measurement for success? Is it a goal?

For some strange reason reaching a goal isn’t the end, isn’t it? We are working hard, we are fighting, we are walking through every emotion possible and the moment we cross the line – everything is falling apart. Depending on our evaluation some kind of reliefment is coming up or some kind of disappointment. Success isn’t really a success when you are not connected. It is just reaching a goal.

After a while, this goal becomes part of your nature and some kind of drive is coming up. What’s next?

Leaving the path

Another goal have to be there for fulfilment. The crazyness is we are stacking GOALS and create some kind of dependence for our well-being. In this moment we are not longer in a constitution of enjoying the path. We become serious and it is pure competition. What is building up is an inner gap and we fall into a condition, where LOVE is only present for us when winning. It generates UP and DOWNS, it generates a feeling of unfulfilment, and we are leaving the path in every extreme possible to complete the story.

We become HUNTERS for THE MORE.

Our thinking goes:“There have to be more. This cannot be everything, this cannot be all. When this is the END – when here is the END – we have completely miss the point“.

Frustration is coming up. Deep in our heart we know there is MORE for us, but by now it didn’t show up.

Are you interested in the NEWS?

Our adventure field

We are. Whether it is general news or more personal specific news. We want to know what’s going on. We want to know how others do their journey. This is the exact same reason we are interested in stories.

„Is there a piece of information that adds value to my life.“

It always feels like a trip of completion. How can I optimize things? How can I become faster, bigger, richer? No judgement at all. This is the ticket we have chosen. It goes straight along RESEARCH. This is our adventure field. This is our playground. Awareness just means SEEING cause and effect. Awareness means FEELING the energy exchange.

Our drive for more is lead by our wish

  • to be happy,
  • to be loved,
  • to be acknowlegded,
  • to be fulfilled,
  • to be free,
  • to BE.

Chasing the tale is starting in incompletion, knowing deeply you are perfect the way you are, giving up this knowledge because of limitations by others and lose yourself in a loop of neverending SEARCH of yourself.

Shortcut into LOVE

Let’s see this sentence from a different point of view.

  • Assuming you are incomplete is build up by adopting opinions from others and is created by the MIND.
  • Knowing deeply you are perfect is infinite wisdom in your HEART.
  • Giving up this knowledge again is a process that only happens in your MIND and
  • Joining THE SEARCH is the price we are paying not accepting we are one, we are LOVE

Maybe we are immortal one day, still happiness is the beginning not the goal. Whenever you have a feeling of not arriving, whenever there is disturbance in your life, whenever you are looking for an exit, this is your SHORTCUT INTO LOVE.

It is already here. By opening yourself up nature is unfolding in its infinity. You instantly have access to billions of NEW (always existing) opportunities, billions of NEW (always existing) possibilities, billions of NEW (always existing) people on the same path. Yes, we are in a hurry, we have to do our daily routines. It is just a reminder of your origin. It is just a reminder of LOVE. It is just a reminder of EVERYTHING.




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