The meaning of life

What the heck are we doing here? Is there some kind of sense in what we are doing? Is there a special order to fulfil?

You can bring yourself in a lot of trouble and confusion SEARCHING the answer. Because

The only answer there is – is YOU.

This fact alone leaves the majority of earth population with an additional question mark and here is the reason why.

See – one of the first steps of personal awakening is you are not your MIND. This little gadget between your ears is simply there to give orientation. It has an additional upgrade to evaluate things by very-own-personal-not-generally-at-all standards. This setting alone allow us to make decisions left and right the path.

What does it mean?

Understanding the world means our mind tries to bring logic in. Everything needs to be named or completed by a post-it.
This is a tree and this is an ant. It is our language which enables communication on a „different“ level then for example our fauna does. When somebody speaks about a water tap, the majority of people knowing that term follows along. Evolution of mankind by now has come up with a gazillion specifications, because we are probably the only species trying to rebuild nature. Therefor everything needs to be securely stored in an archive. This is what our mind does.

For security purposes. Our brain always is in survival mode, so its clerk, our mind, is doing extra stints. It’s very first official act was dividing the planet into polarity. You name it – black and white, hot and cold, big and small, right or wrong. It became the basic of our evaluation system GOOD & BAD, which is the fundament of all decision making. This is what our mind is doing constantly without stopping its job. Information is coming in, evaluating in good and bad, packing emotion on it, send it back into the world. Information is sortey by parameter:


A side effect of this system is separation. The good ones go into the pot, the bad ones go into your crop. We sense our world with barriers to diffentiate. Scaling this effect we use separation as a tool of personally feeling better and to get a sort of control and prevalance.

Separation is the process of the individual person.

The contradiction here is: we are looking for something infinite in separation and limitation. We aren’t satisfied NOW. We want to cross borders, explore THE MORE, explore new islands, new worlds. And we want to be the first in competition to have individual glory and oeconomic advantage.

Our mind operates with RATIO.  It wants to understand UNCONDITIONAL LOVE but is limited by ressource when using separation. This is a condition. Can you see the word WHEN?

Deep in your heart you know the answer. With every heartbeat you have the choice between THE SEARCH and YOURSELF. We do that constantly. Even when your mind gets the point. You have to experience UNCONDITIONAL LOVE with your heart to LET GO, even it’s only for seconds. And you will have hard times to go back asking.

The meaning of life isn’t a question. It is a statement. It is soulfulness. It is YOU. It is LOVE.

In meditation you stop thinking back and forth through times and options. You are present in this moment. There is and will be no other moment. It will change but it is still this same moment. Differentiation is only for explaining purposes. Seperation is only for explaing and understanding purposes. Mind stuff.

You can have a brilliant live within THE SEARCH. You can have more money you can ever image but still search the answer for inner freedom, peace and fulfilment. You can furhtermore put processes of limitation to THE SEARCH and wonder about energies coming up. This is the game we play to find out our true nature.  And we do not recoil bringing extreme sacrifice. We only can blend ourselves as ONE. The moment we let go THE SEARCH of our true nature, soulfulness is rising up and we fall back into LOVE.  Cause and effect.

Still we can explore the world, still we can be „individual“, still we can have extraordinary experience. We simply do it from a perspective of our infinite self not competing for confirmation of our brilliance but for the joy and meaning itself.

Here we are. Chasing cars. It is right here inside. You have access to it whenever you want.






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