The one thing that directs life

You are sitting in a train driving back home. You head is full of thoughts about the last week while you are watching the world rushing by.

Next stop „Celebration„, a small town with nearly a hundred inhabitants. What a crazy week you had. Your job was taking your full attention excessively and you are sorting all the events of the past days. This nomad life as a single can be very stirring. Things don’t get aligned in this moment and wilderness broaden in your head. Over and over discussions you had these days running through – back and forth.

Indecent proposal

Somebody close to you is asking for a seat beside, but you are trapped in a mind tunnel. Information from the outside slap against your forehead and drip off to the ground. It is end of summer and still temperature is going up. Lost in thought your are disconnected from information uptake as the train slowly come in „Celebration Central Station“.

People outside taking up their cases, positioning for entrance and three man sitting diagonally opposite preparing for exit. You look impassively out of the window as you suddenly see a face in the thick of a crowd. Your heartbeat rapidly starts bumping in high frequency. In an instant all your thoughs of the last hours are gone. What a beauty. Like a blizzard you fall back into reality. Who is this ? You are completely attracted and have no clue, where this feeling is coming from.

WOW. Blood is rushing through your vains. Never in your life you had such a deep & instant connection just by watching somebody else. It feels like LOVE at first sight. And you haven’t spoken a word. A second before you were sliding problems from the left side of the brain to the right and now there is this breathtaking human being on station platform and although you don’t know this person, some sort of nervousness coming up. People hurry outside as the conductor just doing door closing. Inside first people taking seats. The whole scenario dramatically rises to a peak and you think about leaving the train for just saying hello. You feel stupid. Probably this person is already in a relationship. Your mind is going crazy in seconds. „What if“ is screaming in your head. The door closes loudly as this person slowly turn its face and looks directly into your eyes with the most beautiful smile you have ever seen.

Time disappears. Although there are a dozen people on central platform, everything around is gone. Just two soulmates meeting in an eternal moment.

Your heart is racing. The train slowly begin moving and your body is shaking. Although you know there is hard chance to see this person a second time in your life you freeze. The picture is fading away and your train is leaving „Celebration“.

You feel like having lost something valuable. You haven’t changed a single word with this person, but for some magic reasons you didn’t had to. Everything was there without speaking, without doing anything.

See, life is full of that moments. But because we stay in our thinking for the majority of the day we don’t see the beauty there is in every orb. We are just cutting out preferences by our filter and system of values.

  • What if you simply follow your inner voice without any judgement?
  • What if you remind yourself to trust your flow without expectation?
  • What if you wake up yourself from thinking?
  • What if you live the moment?
  • What if you delete what if?

Recording the concert

Have you realized we are busy recording our life? Have you realized we are storing information for past & future that bond energies, emotions and takes ourself out of the moment?

Cause and effect. When was the last time you did something a hundred percent? Not a single distraction to the left, not a single distraction to the right. Just you and your awareness. Just you and your pure experience. Have you ever experienced the depth of these moments?

You anchor freedom and soulfulness. You dive into your presence and you let go time & space. It may surround your event but it doesn’t matter at all. Your soul is awaken and instantly you become aware of all the miracles you coulnd’t see before.

The longest journey we do as human beings is from our head into our heart.

The pathway to LOVE is simply awareness of NOW and we need nothing but our willingness to let go.




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