Nothing left to do. There is no action required. It happens. There’s no secret out there or magic weapon. It is (y) our very own nature. We can play the game with all the losses and wins, with all the falls into highest heights and flights in deepest depth or BEING LOVE.

Have you ever seen heavyness of a conflict dissappear in the eye of your counterpart? Have you have ever had the feeling of peace rising up by sending LOVE without expectations? Have you have ever seen a breakthrough of someone going through tough times or a challenge?

We are all doing important and busy things, until we find out that the one we are talking to is a part of us.


In order to deepen our experience of dissolving any border in our life, there is a catalyst.

By simply changing and expanding our position (dive into our infinite nature) we give ourselves a complete new „point of view“.

The mind thing here is to use a technique BUT what you do is to become aware of the truth behind all thinking processes and THE SEARCH. The situation we are trying to dissolve sends information about the answer we are looking for. It triggers exactly the points we are vulnerable at. It talks about the information we won’t let go and haven’t dissolved in the past.

The higher we put ourself above the situation the more funny a weird thought becomes about bossiness. It is that easy and what it does is putting ourselves in realization of our nature. See – the hardest thing for us having chosen separation is to remind ourselves our origin nature.

Can you image a situation just BEING an observer and simply feel good? LOVE whatever happens. This is called unconditional. This is pure souvereignty. The first time practicing „not reacting“ and stay in „LOVE“ may be new. Remember it is only a challenge for our mind not for the heart. Clinging to control and security and personality LIMITS the game to find out who you are.

PICTURE: Two energies vibrating to escalation (CREATING EXTREME ENERGY FIELDS)

Reacting means your mind is acting to control a situation. This is another limitation process of THE SEARCH. The consequence is any kind of death. You may force your personal ego to die, you may force the lives of millions to die, you may force a tiny little situation to escalate and a friendship or relationship will die.

The moment you expand and change your inner sound to silence limitation and separation dissolves. There is no „against“, there is no „conflict“ anymore. A push against „NOTHING“ will automatically cause an energy to fall. You open up to your true nature and start answering the question of your chosen ticket.