There are only two paths in life – yours and the search of it

Hey you, yes you – come closer. Did you hear it? Did you hear about what*s going on in the world? Did you hear what’s going on in your world? No? You were busy the last year?

The search goes on

Mmmmh, I just ask in case you were busy with THE SEARCH. See, the majority of people running out in a huge circle chasing themselves.

  • That*s the exact reason why they are unfulfilled.
  • That’s the exact reason why the have the feeling of not arriving anywhere.
  • Thats the reason why they got lost in information overload.

To be honest, that’s the exact reason why they feel unhappy in their very own body.

They know there is something special inside but they cannot find the manifestation in the outside world. Much more they tried a million pathways in every imaginable direction but what they fo und is always this gap between the place they are and the place where they wanna go. And they wonder what the hell on earth needs to be done to exit this level. Everyone outthere seems to have a better setting, every0ne outthere is overtaking in high speed when it comes to wealth, holidays and personal happiness.

A reminder of your infinite nature

It looks so damn easy for everyone to live life to the fullest, while you are taking the fifth extra round to understand the circus. So what this article and this website helps you with is some kind of infninite reminder of your nature – a love signal to step up into your full potential. See, there is not some kind of voodoo here nor rocket sciene. It often looks like that as we are completely mad and extreme in chosing a pathway which is so far away from our true self, that the closest thing often seems to easy or absurd.

Do you understand you are already there? Hard to get, isn’t it? I completely get it. We cannot see the magic here and now as our mind is always running in the past and in the future. We are blaming, shaming, justyfying the situations we went through, our behaviour and the persons around us not serving our goals.


Marc Goulston, a famous psychiatrist, tells the story in his beautiful book „Just Listen“ of a man, reaching out to him, searching for help in his very special situation. So one day this man came to his surgery and Marc invited him to enter the office. Sitting in front of each other Marc opened up the dialogue and asked how he can help. Immediately this man started speeding up, speaking in a very intensive voice about all the thing going wrong in his life, who is responsible for the situation he is in, and how bad life is treating him,  Angry and impulsive he shouted out all his complainings about the outside world not realizing Marc sitting in front of him resting in total silence. Coming to the end of his monologue, completely out of breath and furious, he is asking Marc what he can do in his very unique situation, that it wasn’t at all. And Marc said:“LISTEN„. The man, completely irritated, replied:“What?“. Marc repeated:“LISTEN„. Not understanding what Marc is referring to, the man stumbled:“Listen to what?“. And Marc said:“LISTEN TO THE QUIET„. In that very moment all dikes collapsed, walls came down and this huge man broke into tears.

The answer is you

See – the answer is always there. The answer is you. But we often miss the point searching it somewhere else. The moment you become aware your nature is oneness, you realize the outside world not only is a mirror of your inner expression but it is the sum of its parts. All the madness, all the victories, all the losses, all the happiness in the world is you. The simple fact of evolution is you have a mind to evaluate experiences in good and bad by your own standards. It is no longer a fact of surviving or reproduction. These standards in consequence build walls around you and prison your greatness.

In quiet there is no time. In quiet there is no evalution. In quiet there is no judgement but simple presence.

And the more you realize your presence the more you fall back into your nature. And this nature is pure love. This nature is infinite. And the reason why you will fall into endless laughter is because you become aware that this game we are playing is a cat chasing its own tail. You are already there. You are beautiful the way you are. You are love.